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  • Brand partnership.
  • Hiring us to consult for your business, such as providing feedback on your app/website/design/product etc.
  • If you are an affiliate program business and would like to partner with our content.

Sponsored Content / Banner Display

  • We offer banner advertising with a link to your website, and banners can be displayed on our header, side or footer of most pages; [Example Current Prices: side banner approx. size: 300×250 = $300=3Months / $500=6Months / $800=1Year / $2,500=5Years: Header/Footer prices negotiable based on the size/income of your business and display duration]
  • We also offer article advertising; using a banner or in-text link from a word/s within an existing article; [Current Prices $100=3Months / $150=6Months / $250=1Year / $750=5Years];
  • We can publish a new complete article about your business; [Current Prices $100=3Months / $150=6Months / $250=1Year / $750=5Years: if you write the article. Add $500 if you want our team to write a unique, keyword SEO rich article (1,200 to 2,000 words) about your business, based on the data/information you supply to us];
  • You could also place an ad at the end of any article (subject to availability), using a banner, picture, and links to your website or landing page; [Current Prices $100=3Months / $150=6Months / $250=1Year / $750=5Years];
  • We can mention your business in our email newsletter to all of our subscribers with a link to your website/landing page, or combination of the above; [Current Price $100].

We can help your campaign reach its target audience

Let us know how we can help. Include your budget, duration requirements and any other relevant details. Also include a link to your website or landing page.

Most of our website traffic is generated from our high net worth readers (minimum annual income of $100,000) who are based in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany and other European Union and worldwide countries.

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