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Apple stock AAPL share price has risen a lot – is it time to buy even more?

Apple stock AAPL share price has risen a lot - is it time to buy even more?

Apple stock AAPL share price has risen a lot – is it time to buy even more?

Higher highs or crashy crashy? Difficult one to communicate to your average investor.

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But those in the know, know that growth stocks peak and dip and make new highs. Of course there’s always that fear factor, that pressing, doubtful the question on one’s mind.

Something along the lines of, ‘surely this can’t go higher?’

Then there’s the stock price growth versus lack of dividends dilemma. As a short to mid Apple stock investor you’re probably always on edge and wondering when you should hit that red sell button and pull the plug just before any crash.

Apple shares have risen about 20% since early October 2021 and the next earnings report could cause the slide back to the lows of late 2021.

Would be a good time to load up on more Apple stock, if you have the cash at hand and believe the slide will turn out to be one of those normal dips before entering new higher territory.

Factor in too that competition is limited and Apple product sales are increasing globally, this might give you some confidence that Apple stock is a winning long term hold.

You might also be hoping for a div pay out one of these days, or a takeover, or breakthrough new tech products that will sore the share price even higher.

Whatever drives your confidence in Apple stock you’re probably playing the long game and aim at profiting from the novice investor’s fear.

All the big boys in Wall Street are eyeing up a $200 stock price. But this may not occur for several months given some big cap tech stocks will probably fall due to sell offs as a result of rate rises from the Federal Reserve.

Is the Apple stock the golden egg in your portfolio you wouldn’t be worried about if it gets dragged down because of a tech sector crash?

If the answer is yes, then all things considered, you’ll be expecting to see that $200+ share price sooner or later.

If all the clever money is waiting to buy more AAPL on the dip then the dip might not turn out to be much more than 15% given the overall optimism in this post pandemic global tech community.

The share price of $AAPL closed down 1.03% at $164.51 (Thursday 20 January 2022).

Read our stocks picks articles for free

Read Apple article

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