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Are Your Investing Engines Fired Up For The BOEING STOCK? $BA

The Boeing company stock is one of the stocks currently listed on the New York Stock Exchange, with the ticker (NYSE:BA). Stock prices of the company have seemingly been on the lower side due to the global corona virus pandemic.

With many countries having bans on air travel, the company saw its stock prices fall. Sales of the aerospace manufacturer’s giant were down over the years, with customers afraid of purchasing new planes.

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Another reason for the fall in share prices of the Boeing is a delay in manufacture and supply of their Boeing 787 jets to customers, due to some faulty issues with their jets.

This has held up potential inventory that could be bringing in cash flow to the company, for profitability.

With the pandemic easing its grip on the economy, most of the world’s economies are gaining momentum. The Boeing company is about to enjoy a bullish behavior in its stock prices.

Boeing is enjoying an upsurge in jet sales due to strengthening of various economies and sectors all over the world, and countries opening up for international travel.

We expect a bullish trend with investors speculating strength in the sector, hence buying more shares in the aerospace giant company.

Investors can now add Boeing stock to their portfolio’s due to the promising nature of its stocks. With this upward momentum, the dividend yield is likely to go up, to the advantage of investors. In my view there is no fear of liquidation of Boeing anytime soon.

Based on the current economic climate we do not expect a smooth upward curve in the Boeing stock. The overall trend is that the stock prices will rise significantly over the next few years, with times of recession in price and value.

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With fears of another pandemic, the economic conditions might pose a risk to the company. However it’s not a big problem to the company since the orders to supply jets globally are expected to rise.

The overall stock price of the Boeing is expected to have higher highs and higher lows over the next few years and investors need to hold long term positions in the company stocks.

With the stock price of the company at 205.44 at close of business on the 21st of January 2022, we expect it to fall below that mark in the next few days. This was caused by a report that the company might miss on supplies of fighter jets to Canada in the coming periods.

This bearish trend is however not likely to be sustained longer than fears expect given a correction will occur soon from an upsurge in pending supplies.

We saw that the stock price had been rising since the last quarter of 2021 and we expect the bullish trend to go on until we achieve the highs of June 2021 where the stocks closed at 250. 57.

The aerospace industry in particularly, the capital goods sector is a good venture for investors to buy shares in. This industry is one of the promising investments, with chances of a rise in share value of the sector in particular.

In the next few months, we expect many economies in the world will be fully open and operational. One of the advantages of opening the economies to the world is that we will start seeing more local and international flights. This will see an up surge in stock prices for the whole sector.

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The Boeing stock is the best stock in the aerospace industry, bearing in mind that the Boeing Company is a giant and the leading aerospace sector in terms of sales. In my view this is the best time for investors in the stock market to buy shares in the Boeing Company.

In the aerospace stocks sector, Virgin Galactic is most likely to top the list in terms of future growth prospects. This speculation is as a result of an announcement that Virgin Galactic will launch its next test spaceflight on July 11.

This resulted in a jump in the stock price by over 20%. This rise in stock of the (NYSE:SPCE) stock reflects an indication that investors’ have hope in the company.

In the same industry, we have Astra Space, a company in the same sector which went public a few months ago, in July. Astra has recently merged with Holicity, spearheaded by Craig McCaw, also backed by Bill Gates through a sponsoring fund by the name Pendrell Corporation.

This merger has seen Astra raise around $500 million in cash proceeds that has increased the capital base of the company. These two aerospace companies are set to grow in stock just like the Boeing.

Boeing (BA) has been through a period of the past three years, due to the pandemic, but aircraft orders are now on the rise and the 737 Max is returning to service across the globe.

Boeing stock is a good buying opportunity at this time in my view and investors should look at the charts and the BA stock prices. This rise is expected to be seen in the next few months, towards mid-year due to an increased flight demand, and bookings.

In on the 22nd January, there was some social media sentiment for Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) that was rather positive. The company stock was given a score of 2. There was also many activities on their social media with many shares and likes on the company’s performance and prospects for its future.

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Based on the social media data, an average sentiment score of +14 over the last 7 days has been calculated on the BA stock. And over the last 14 days the aerospace giant scored an average sentiment of +16.

When we check a longer time frame of thirty days prior, the social sentiment score for the BA Company remained neutral at 9. All these social sentiments are good based on the fact that two short period sentiments are positive, while the longer period sentiment remained neutral.

This sentiment indicates that there is still a high chance that the stock price will rise in the next few months. This interest in the Boeing stock, going by the sentiment is an implication that the stocks will rise, and it will generate interest from the public to purchase the stock.

Lastly, we will expect a bullish behavior in the BA stock chart when the markets open on Monday 24th January 2022.

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