Bitcoin chart tells me BTC price is about to explode to $80,000

Bitcoin chart tells me BTC is about to explode on the way to $80,000

Bitcoin chart tells me BTC price is about to explode to $80,000

I know there is a lot of doom and gloom in the crypto world at this point in time 26 May 2022.

But I think it is nearly time for Bitcoin to take off!

Bitcoin chart technical analysis by pro day / swing trader and stocks and crypto investor.

The signs are in the price action of the Bitcoin chart

I have been analysing price action and charts for some 20 years and seldom call it wrong.

There are a number of indicators within the price action of the Bitcoin chart that gives me confidence that I am correct.

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There are 8 bear weeks in a row. In a bear market a north spike follows weekly bear moves.

This is one of the bullish signs that Bitcoin is about to explode.

Another sign is the up/down double pattern that stands out. And moreover the space of time between the two highs and the two lows.

Given the nature of this chart’s price action trends, it is clear to me that the recovery could be sooner than most think!

When I look at the 1 day Bitcoin price action on the chart, I can see 5 in-a-row down days.

Following this there should be a massive boost in the Bitcoin price. Because this is the second set of 5 in-a-row bear days in recent weeks.

It is unlikely – judging by the Bitcoin chart – that the price of Bitcoin will drop much lower.

Judging by all the signs I am seeing within the chart; that are the patterns, I would say Bitcoin should fly proper i.e. lift off by the end of June 2022.

The price of Bitcoin is getting ready to rocket to $80,000 in my view if not more in 2022.

One of the biggest factors that should move the Bitcoin price is the development of the Digital-Dollar.

In order for a successful launch of a digital-dollar the world bank and the fed reserve will have to seriously pump the crypto economy.

Thus Bitcoin will lead the way followed by the serious and stable crypto coins and blockchains.

I know there will be some investors who will disagree

But as I wrote, I am seldom wrong and thus mostly call it right!

Bitcoin is heading to the moon, though it does not look like it at this time.

I believe by next week Bitcoin should have made a massive move to indicate a reversal of this current bear market.

The 1 day and weekly chart are the most important charts to consider for predicting Bitcoin price action.

Ignoring the bear news, and the moaning and negative sentiment, the Bitcoin chart paints for me at least a different picture.

If I had the spare cash, I would load up on Bitcoin and some other top cryptos at this time.

Though I am invested in XLM for the reasons I give in some of my other articles on TabStocks.

Quantitative easing that is taking place in the US and other leading Western countries will only add to the crypto market.

This added investment through big institutions will deliver a massive boost to the crypto market. And of course Bitcoin will lead the way.

Bitcoin is about to make a run to the moon and for me the signs show an easy double. But possibly a triple 3x bagger by the end of 2022.

I’m not a Bitcoin investor, but if I was I would be loading up right now.

The Bitcoin chart tells me $29,000 is the max bottom and the mid-range target is $60,000 with a strong likelihood the Bitcoin price will reach $80,000 by the end of 2022.

Bitcoin price at the time of writing $29,350.

The 30 min Bitcoin chart shows the price action is generating higher highs since 12th May.

Therefore this trend cannot continue, if the price is not to fall further below $29,000.

And for sure not below $27,500, then a huge spike to raise the BTC price is likely to occur at any moment in my opinion.

I believe the Bitcoin bear market is about to come to an end proper and the reversal to a huge Bitcoin bull run should begin fairly soon.

The Bitcoin 1 hour chart shows a very similar pattern to that of the 30 min BTC chart. Which confirms my findings all the more.

The 4 hourly Bitcoin chart shows me that the current sideways price action must come to an end.

And the likely next Bitcoin move in price is a series of long jumps to regain lost ground.

$35,000 should be the first stop, before BTC makes another big spike up.

A $45,000 Bitcoin price by mid June 2022 is very possible when considering all factors.

Moreover when fusing the 4 hourly Bitcoin chart price action with the 1 day Bitcoin chart. $40k to $45k is the target for the taking.

I cannot ignore, nor go against the logic of all the signs within the Bitcoin chart, just because the mood is gloomy and there is a lot of crypto bear talk around.

I might be pushing against the tide, but the tide is turning, and the Bitcoin price action will leave many investors sitting on the fence missing out on potential profits.

Bitcoin is stable with a limited supply. It is the top crypto; the gold standard, the king!

On the back of LUNA, Bitcoin will now make its move to put lesser coins to shame.

But do not out rule a LUNA comeback too.

I think by the end of this week, (29th May 2022) Bitcoin would have made a massive move north!

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