Bolt is a Scam & Dangerous Company You Should Avoid

Bolt is a scam and dangerous company who employ uncaring customer service agents and aggressive drivers, many of Bolt’s drivers are illegal immigrants.

This means that you as customers using Bolt are setting yourself up to be put through a lot of stress, frustration and inconvenience and on top of this charged for it.

  1. I ordered a Bolt taxi to go to my home location in London. I was a few miles from my home. The Bolt app knows where you are, your location when you make a booking.
  2. I waited for the car, the app let me know that the driver had arrived. I looked for the car but could not see it. I was looking around, and nearby streets but it was nowhere to be seen.
  3. I messaged the driver, three times in fact, but he did not reply.
  4. I telephoned customer service, but the woman I spoke to could not do anything for me. She could have called that driver and arranged another for me. But she did not, instead she asked me for account details, all kinds of questions. I was standing in the street, in the cold weather, I just wanted to get home.
  5. The driver did not reply, and the customer service woman hung up on me.
  6. I called the driver, and told him where I was, and that I sent him three messages and he had not replied. He claimed that he phoned me. But I did not here any call, and when I checked my phone there was no indication of any missed call. He hung up on me and refused to cancel the job when I told him where I was.
  7. I telephoned customer service again, but it was the same story, the woman I spoke to did not arrange for another driver, I told her the app knows where I am, my location, because they can track my location from my phone. She did not help at all.
  8. She cancelled the job and charged me a £6 cancellation fee, leaving me stranded.
  9. It’s clear to me Bolt is a scam and they probably make most of their money scamming customers, charging them cancellation fees and employing illegal immigrants who are aggressive and probably do not have the right to remain in the countries where they are operating. Because Bolt are employing these kinds of people, they probably under pay them therefore cheating them as they do their customers.

I was forced to find alternative transport. I was lucky, I had the funds in my bank, but what if I hadn’t. What if the funds Bolt took from my bank when I ordered the taxi was the last money I had. Then I would be really stranded. Still I was stranded all the same, and it caused me distress that I now had to find alternative transport.

I had waited a long time for a Bolt taxi that was never going to arrive and trying to sort this out with Bolt customer service which ended up being a waste of time, because they were never going to put things right. Scam companies never do!

I will be trying to recover my £6 through my bank — the journey never took place — even though on my Bolt app they sent me messages that they hope I enjoyed my ride!

I think countries should stop licensing Bolt because they are not a proper taxi company. No genuine taxi company would leave a customer stranded. And then charge them.

Bolt management, owners of the company full well know what they are up to and I would not be surprised if they pay money to corrupt officials in order to keep their licences.

There must be people being left stranded in many cities because of this scam company who are then charging those same customers.

Customers do not love Bolt, there are more customers leaving Bolt in Europe.

Bolt abuse it’s customers, its disabled customers, vulnerable people, pensioners, pregnant women and people without funds. Bolt would not think twice about taking your money for a service that did not take place and leaving you stranded.

I’m going to delete the Bolt app for good!

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