Can investing in Terra LUNA make you rich in 2022?

Can investing in Terra LUNA make you rich in 2022?

Can investing in Terra LUNA make you rich in 2022?

The price of LUNA has started to gain some traction.

Today the price of Terra LUNA reached 0.00020 and held for about 3 hours. The LUNA price retreated to 0.00015 but rose to 0.00017 and sits around this price at the time of writing.

Can investing in Terra LUNA make you rich in 2022? LUNA 30 min Price Chart 22 May 2022

LUNA 30 min Price Chart 22 May 2022

There are big LUNA transition moves being implemented by the company who operate LUNA. And next week should see LUNA making some massive moves, if all goes well.

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Investors of LUNA have voted in favour of the company making the changes.

Thus if you believe in LUNA and the changes the Terra company are in the process of making workout, investors should be in for a big ride!

Many investors are currently able to buy LUNA on some trading and investing brokers such as eToro. A number of broker apps have suspended trading in LUNA.

But given the Terra LUNA company are fixing things which saw the price tank below 0.00010 from mega highs seen in April 2022, things could be looking bright once again for LUNA.

All going well, investors could see their ability to trade LUNA restored on a number of trading apps globally.

If you believe in the future of LUNA, there has never been a better time to invest. Of course, investing in LUNA is a gamble. But a gamble that could payoff massively.

In some respects, given what was the market cap of LUNA and it’s importance in the market, LUNA cannot be allowed to fail.

The company had made some unsound decisions which led to lots of people losing money.

Or maybe losing only if they sold at a loss. Because recovery is still possible.

However, now that the Terra LUNA network has realised its mistakes, the rectifying of such mistakes could see LUNA fly once again.

If LUNA is fixed and restores investor confidence, the price of LUNA is set to take off to the moon!

All crypto eyes are on LUNA now and the buying frenzy continues.

There has been mass buying of LUNA in South Korea and this buying frenzy is spreading around the globe.

More and more people are buying and trying to buy LUNA.

Getting in at a low price is key to the investing rule of buying low. Of course, no doubt many LUNA investors will sell on the way up.

But those LUNA investors who buy low and hold long-term should see some massive gains.

There is no doubt that the likes of Elon Musk and some big investors in crypto will be involved in the recovery of LUNA in some respects.

If you decide to invest in LUNA, you might want to buy a lot and hold long-term.

Though some trading broker apps have limited the amount you can invest in LUNA.

Buying the underlying asset is one way to invest in LUNA.

LUNA could be a good hedge against your other crypto investments. Many cryptos are down -60% over the last 12 months.

And should LUNA succeed and fly, the profits made could see your cryptocurrency portfolio green once again.

Investing in Terra LUNA could make you rich in 2022 if the factors behind LUNA workout for the better and confidence is regained.

Think it’s fair to write that a $5 LUNA price in the near future is not inconceivable.

In this respect you could be looking at gains of x25,000 if you were to get in at 0.00020.

A $100 investment in LUNA thus could return $2.5M.

If LUNA tokens are burned, depending on the amount you can subtract from that. But burning LUNA is not all bad if investment continues in LUNA.

Therefore depending on the amount of the burn or reset, the price could rise a lot higher and even over $100. Therefore a 25,000 bagger could still be possible.

Those who invest $2,000 in LUNA with a times 25,000 multiple gains, the return could be around $50M.

One positive tweet from Elon on LUNA and LUNA will fly to mars! But even if he doesn’t tweet about LUNA, the price could still reach the moon!

If all goes to plan for LUNA and its recovery, no doubt trading platforms will once again promote LUNA which will open the door to global LUNA investing.

(I am currently a LUNA investor: I guess that makes me a LUNAtic)

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