China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips the new currency

China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips the new currency

The real reason Tucker Carlson and others have been fired at Fox News is to control the narrative prior to the outbreak of World War. China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips the new currency.

This is, all planned, all by design, all an inside job. That’s the real reason. And before the blockade and the imminent invasion of Taiwan by China.

Tucker Carlson fired to shut him up.

The real reason Fox News fired Tucker Carlson, among many others is to control the narrative of ahead of what could be a nuclear war, World War Three and of course the invasion of Taiwan by China.

This will also consummate a blockade I believe starts within one to two months.

It has nothing to do with the settlement why Tucker had to go. It’s also Murdoch, along with his cohorts, so they can control the narrative during wartime, economic collapse and a World War.

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That is the real reason they can’t have dissenting voices such as Tucker’s. They can’t have somebody who would question the narrative like Tucker Carlson. And This is why they got rid of him, because. Obviously, Tucker Carlson, speaks facts.

Tucker Carlson commanded the largest audience in the world, and he’s actually a free thinker. He’s somewhat controversial, siding with right to far right ideas. He’ll ask very good questions. He’ll bring on guests that think for themselves, actually provoke actual real discussion and thought.

The definition of freedom in the United States of America is to think freely and ask questions and explore ideas. But the new world order elites don’t want this to occur.

Free speech is about questioning as an experimentation to discuss ideas and form new ideas. It’s not a unilateral message by the megaphones that make up the mainstream media. And Fox News is no different from CNN. They both work from the same entities.

They’re not even really focused on making money because they control money, or rather the people who control most of the money control the media. The main focus of the mainstream media is control, to control people.

Trying to control populations and minds of the citizens to get them to do what they want. So again, the real reason Tucker Carlson, the number one talk shows commanding the largest audience in the world, breaking records every single night on Fox News had to go has nothing to do with Dominion and that settlement.

By quieting the dissenting voices before the outbreak of World War 3 a nuclear event, which I think will be a tactical nuke to go up very, very soon. A blockade and invasion by China in Taiwan. Of course, the economic financial reset and the CBDC is what a number of investors have been writing about for a few months now.

Digital currency system coming upon the world.

They believe the new world order, the WEF and world governments are going to reset everybody into the new digital system.

We even see crypto breaking out to them. Remember the masses who were saying that Bitcoin was going to zero. Well, it’s doubled since December. And it’s going to go much, much higher. Some crypto experts believe Bitcoin will rise to between $200K to $300K in 2023.

And the reason is because the elites need Bitcoin to reach this high is so they can profit during the economic digital reset.

So they want and need the Bitcoin pump and they and others in the know will be buying up more and more bitcoin. Even Wall Street are going to get in on the action and pump bitcoin to the possible max.

They rinsed the retail investors at the pandemic crash and during and they want to destroy the American public by collapsing the banks.

Is now the right time to invest in Bitcoin before China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips really going to be the new currency?

First Republic Bank has lost about 90% of its share value over the last few days, $100 billion worth of deposits. Every bank that fails. Silvergate, Silicon Valley, First Republic, Every single bank crime, every single collapse of the largest financial institutions in the world, like Credit Swiss out in Switzerland, Bitcoin ticks higher.

Think about it, use logic, it thus makes sense to move your money out of the banks and into crypto does it not?

The real estate tax is higher, inflation and hyperinflation tax is higher. Because again, this is the agenda. That’s the plan. This is what they want. They want an epic hyperinflationary wealth transfer of which they’ll control all the world’s resources, assets, human populations, etcetera.

US Dollar going to crash due to useless petrodollar.

Everyone needs to understand that internationally the deep state, new world order elites are resetting us out of the petrodollar, which has already collapsed.

There’s going to be a British pound sterling event, some believe, with the dollar losing most of its value in the coming months.

A very well-known billionaire on Wall Street, Miller. His only conviction, that is sell the dollar and short it to zero.

And he’s right about that. He’s going to make a lot of money betting against America, betting against the Fiat trash currency that is the US dollar, and betting against central banks.

That could be the biggest profit opportunity of your lifetime right now.

And the reason is they’re not going to protect the dollar. The dollar is now designed to fail because the elites whole agenda and goals is to collapse Fiat currencies that are bankrupt that they can no longer repay with the debt that is being sold with U.S. Treasuries by countries like China and Russia as a result of the sanctions that Joe Biden and his administration implemented.

So again, Tucker Carlson was fired because they can’t have a dissenting voice.

Before the outbreak of World War Three they’ve got to shut people up. They’ve got to control the narrative. They’ve got to control the messaging. Fox News is going to pair up the same messaging as CNN and MSNBC and so on. This is the real reason because the mainstream media is in on the global manipulation of the world Fiat currency crash.

China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips the new currency: what to invest in now?

Get ready to profit from crypto because it should break out to all time new highs.

Hyperinflation will continues. The dollar is going to collapse. Taiwan will be invaded. There’s going to be a massive supply shock worldwide, mostly with semiconductors.

The United States can’t compete with semiconductor manufacturing. They are nowhere near. They are a decade away from being able to produce and manufacture the necessary microchips that are needed to go into all sorts of technologies, including cell phones, laptops, desktop computers, iPads, iPhones, Android devices. Vehicles, cars, Teslas, home appliances, etcetera.

So everything is now connected. China knows this, so there’s certainly going to take advantage of a couple of proxy wars that are going on. One is the war and the Crimean peninsula and Ukraine and Kiev.

Russia under Putin is planning on taking over the world and establishing the bricks nation states as a new supreme world power.

And it won’t be backed by oil. It’s going to be backed by semiconductors.

Putin is taking his time and plans to suffocate the global distribution and supply chain through a giant economic blockade.

Of the vital microchips, the fact the new digital currencies, everything’s AI now. They don’t need nine to five jobs anymore. They don’t even need your kids in school anymore. What they have now to teach your kids and mind control them now are ChatGPT and AI software.

And this is, I find kind of hilarious and funny too. Everyone’s so excited about AI. Well, you realize the blockchain, Bitcoin and crypto is. So you should be buying as much as you can right now. You should literally be buying as much as you can.

We’re about to go freaking hyperbolic again. Every bank that collapses by design, which is what they want. Every new bailout, Every tick of hyperinflation, higher rising rents, housing, land, real assets, gold, silver, crypto. And Bitcoin rises. It goes much, much higher.

It was made and literally invented for the collapse of America, the collapse of the Fiat currency, the collapse of the dollar, and the collapse of these big banks.

Now, of course, we know what the agenda is, The reason why they’re instituting bank runs. The elites want bankrupts, but only among the medium and small sized. They’re consolidating the banking industry before they move everybody to a single network of digital control and surveillance and tyranny and totalitarianism.

So they only want a handful of five nationalized banks that they control the two bigger fails and they’re going to get rid of and pick off all the little ones and medium sized ones right now, which is what they’re currently doing with First Republic, Silvergate and Click on Valley so that they can consolidate power before the rollout, before cash is banned.

That’s why cash is trashed before they get rid of it and before they control, monitor and surveil every single transaction and act of commerce worldwide. This is why they’re onboarding, of course, all the unbanked worldwide.

This is why they’ve been heavily investing in Africa, people like Jack Dorsey, etcetera. It’s not to empower people or democratize finance, it’s to onboard the nations that are currently free, economically colonialized them, and then bring them into the blockchain digitalized currencies network of which they control i.e. the centralized blockchain.

They impose controls. Justin Trudeau is now saying through massive gas lighting that he didn’t force people to take you know what, even though he did, and it resulted in mass trucker protests because people were fearful they wouldn’t be able to make money or have a job. This is gaslighting on the world stage. But again, this is the plan. This is what they’re doing.

The goal, their aim, the agenda is the economic financial reset. Also the reason why Fox News, Murdoch and these people made this decision which helps to polarize America which again is what they want to control.

The demolition of the argument and the fake right elusive illusion that is the right left paradigm and the upcoming presidential race. By getting rid of these people, they create more polarization, more argumentation and more divisiveness.

A real leader in the United States of America would actually be uniting people, would actually be involved in creating civil discourse, and would actually be promoting a unified front and peace.

China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips the new currency: How will China do it?

This is why China is having a lot of success taking over the world. Because what they’re doing is disconnecting from the United States as it is disintegrating. It’s collapsing, which China is focused on, the reunification of Taiwan, which they know is a key strategic asset to back their new digital yuan.

Remember world reserve currency by semiconductors and data, because data is the new oil, the Petro dollar again. Has collapsed. Americans just don’t know this yet. So expect a panic run on the Bank of America.

Expect a panic run on the central bank in the United States. All by design, so they can introduce the solution, more sanctions, capital controls, etcetera, executive force and actions so that they can unload the central bank digital currencies.

And then, of course, after transferring all the wealth to themselves, giving the Peasantry class universal basic income, they’ll use different terms; they will call it basics, you know, basics of education, basics of whatever it is.

And they’ve had plans for this from the very beginning, long before the lockdowns.

What they are doing is just the playbook for the globalist takeover. This is just the playbook for the total agenda and the total takeover of humanity. It could be said that China and the US are in on the plan. And worse, it could be said, that as many thousands of soldiers die in Ukraine, that Russia are in on the plan too.

They make the excuse re NATO but the Russian’s caused the war to be a part of the plan of the new world order whose goal through the WEF is to give everyone on earth a biological identity that unless they have the mark they cannot buy or sell using the forms of blockchain digital currencies that will be centralized by the global elites.

All what is going on, on the world stage is just about controlling the masses to integrate you into the new system that they have been planning for years.

It is about having that massive power and domination over the working class to fear monger you into submission.

They’re going to lose the American public now and the greatest wealth transferring economic financial history. Yes, there’s going to be more bailouts. Yes, there’ll be more consolidation. Yes, they’ll take care of the banks.

All of them have already been nationalized. Economic, financial freedom and prosperity. Over in the United States, America is going to sink to maybe a top ten tier country, which is exactly how our politicians want it and they are all working for China and have been for years and have been selling out to China for years as is the plan.

The whole systems compromised. So don’t think a politician is going to save you because they too are in on it and if they are not they are replaced or conditioned to be in on the global agenda.

China to invade Taiwan: Crypto & Silicon chips the new currency: Is this why Tucker Carlson was fired?

Tucker Carlson fired so that Fox News can control the narrative and the worst, most tumultuous time of what I believe will be a tactical new World War Three economic collapse, digital financial reset, CBD.

Sees the digital dollar blockade of Taiwan by China and an imminent invasion of which they will successfully reacquire what was once theirs.

Not to mention a conflagration proxy war in Ukraine, which is also about to get much, much worse. So they’re going to pull every nation into this. They’re going to pull all kinds of people into this, all kinds of resources and they need more.

Every 70 years if you study market cycles there’s a reset and ward, there’s a conflict and war. So expect to trust the plan, expect the cyber event, expect somewhat of a grid down scenario, and expect the price of real assets and new technology to soar to new all-time highs.

Bitcoin, for example, cryptocurrency and blockchain is just the new, like Apple Computer is. Google, Amazon, so many of you are missing it. You’re at the early days of the second inning of this whole new system that is being built around you.

No one trust the US dollar. The US dollars trash. It is the worst piece of wealth store. You get no return on investment. You’re getting hosed. Okay, by design. Again, a wealth reset transfer. The central banks have implemented these policies and are pushing you into this new system for a reason.

In the next one to two months, you won’t be able to get iPhones anymore. Don’t expect to get anything with the semiconductor. Expect a total supply shock.

Every country is going to collapse. Every country is going to sink into the new order. Every country is sinking into this new system of total control and surveillance.

What happened to Tucker Carlson, and the other individuals that just got canned over at Fox News only tells me the worst is yet to come. They want to control the narrative and take everybody down.

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