Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc Stock Price Prediction 2022-2027

Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc Stock Price Prediction 2022-2027

This TabStocks article is a Stock Price Prediction for Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc 2022-2027 $DMGGF DMGGF • OTCMKTS

Much of the share price of Dmg Blockchain Solutions DMGGF • OTCMKTS is connected the price of Bitcoin.

This is because Dmg Blockchain Solutions mine Bitcoins and as such hold Bitcoin in their portfolio.

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When the price of Bitcoin is low, the overall value of Dmg Blockchain Solutions will be lower.

However, Dmg Blockchain Solutions operate in the blockchain and transaction space for other cryptocurrencies.

This means that Dmg Blockchain Solutions makes profits on hosting cryptos and processing transactions.

The crypto market is currently going through a bear trend. As such this places a strain on the stock price of Dmg Blockchain Solutions.

Our Dmg Blockchain Solutions stock price prediction is set over 5 years from June 2022 to June 2027.

The Dmg Blockchain Solutions share price as of today 14 June 2022 is $0.21.

Assuming a gradual reversal of the Bitcoin bear trend we expect Dmg Blockchain Solutions stock price to rise to $0.50 by the end of 2022.

Throughout 2023, we anticipate the Dmg Blockchain Solutions share price will average $1.

We expect to see spikes of $1.50 within the 2022-2023 period. However any such spikes will be short lived and the crypto market shivers out of it current bear trend.

In this respect there could be some shock factors that could bear down heavy on a Bitcoin recovery.

One such factor is the introduction of the digital dollar.

New government digital currencies that make use of the blockchain need a growing crypto market.

However there is a balance given that at the same time the dame governments are trying to regulate the digital currency blockchain market.

A crypto bear market will be no could for government digital currencies since this would not give confidence to people.

If the new government digital currencies are to be backed solely by debt, hyper inflation and the printing of new money; i.e. new crypto coins, this would tend to weaken the value of the new coins.

Therefore, for governments to regulate other decentralised cryptos is and would be a bad move given most top cryptos are not subject to debt and political interference.

Dmg Blockchain Solutions escapes much of the issues based on intrinsic value given that they are a hosting provider of cryptocurrencies.

New digital currencies established by world governments could adopt Bitcoin as is backup standard.

In order to do so, world governments would need to buy as much Bitcoin as they can.

This would help push up the price of Bitcoin beyond $300,000 and as such the price of Dmg Blockchain Solutions.

In 2024, I would expect to see a Dmg Blockchain Solutions $3-$4 share price.

And $4 to $10 Dmg Blockchain Solutions stock price from 2024 to 2027 based on the above factors and Dmg Blockchain Solutions cashing in on the crypto wealth bubble.

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