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Is April the Black Gold Month of News from Zion oil and gas?

Is April the Black Gold Month of News from Zion oil and gas?

Is April the Black Gold Month from News for Zion oil and gas?

Is news due from ZONG oil and gas?

It’s Passover starting Friday, 15 April 2022 (Jewish feast day) and it’s Easter Sunday 17 April 2022.

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We know Zion oil and gas are really into their biblical dates. They like to use dates that are relevant to Christians, moreover Christians who support Israel, because, most of their shareholders have bought shares believing their money is going to help Israel.

Israel is rich is natural gas. It has more than enough gas for its own purposes and can even supply Europe. And probably will do. Perhaps investors in Zion might want to invest in Chevron (NYSE: CVX) because this oil giant controls the gas fields offshore in Israel.

Still, I have a strong feeling, even we are now in April and this season represents new beginnings, that Zion oil and gas are planning to announce some pretty BIG NEWS!

Now, I know what you’re thinking… getting all excited there, but it’s just a hunch of mine. And hopefully, Zion investors don’t receive one of John Brown’s emails before the news, because I think, judging from the reactions from Zion oil and gas shareholders following the last few emails from Mr Brown, the information did not go down well at all.

Brown promised oil and that was months ago, pre testing…unless he knew something we mere moral private investors didn’t. Maybe since then, the CEO suspended John Brown’s email account, and did not allow him access to the subscription list, because Brown could get the company into a lot of hot water.

Zion oil and gas have a habit on realising news early on into a month. Moreover when the news is big news!

If I were a betting man, I’d say there’s a pretty high probability (78%) that ZNOG might release a PR this week. If not then next week, 11/12 April 85%.

So get ready for some big news…well let’s all hope it’s not only big news, but good news too. Well, the share price action is not giving away any signs of their being any real big good news, not unless only a few know something big that is good; that is, if there is anything that worthwhile that only a few know.

I’m not an oil man, so I don’t know the procedures involved in testing oil wells. I have done some extensive research in this area.

However I’m not going to comment, because I do not know what what stage they are at in the oil testing process.

Save from Zion oil and gas stating they hit oil as expected as they had at the MJ-01 levels, it’s not clear is oil proper was discovered in mj-02 at a deeper level or in other areas, given the new rig used is capable of drilling horizontally.

Zion oil and gas have not given away much details in relation to the ‘zones of interest’, but they were quick in procuring testing services.

Although I wouldn’t read too much into this, since they soon went out and bought a new (second-hand) rig, soon after completing the 3D testing. Yet ended up drilling on the same site as MJ-01.

Anyhow, we all will have to wait and see what new comes out of Zion oil and has. Will we be in the money and able to buy that new car?

Or will John Brown sail off into the sunset with the millions of dollars he has made from the 20 odd years of promises he has spoon fed the bible belt? This remains to be seen.

Let’s just hope Zion oil and gas ZN/ZNOG doesn’t turn out to be the biggest stock Ponzi in the history of Christian investments.

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