Is Fortnite Token cryptocurrency too risky to invest in?

Is Fortnite Token cryptocurrency too risky to invest in?

Is Fortnite Token cryptocurrency too risky to invest in? This TabStocks article investigates

Yet another crypto token (Fortnite Token) is on the market and gaining a lot of attention in the crypto investing world.

Its name, ‘Fortnite Token’. But is it a ‘scam’?

Fortnite Token Altcoin has been established as a fan-created project.

Concerns about the Fortnite Token have immerged. It is claimed that Fortnite Token doesn’t have an owner.

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But given many new cryptos have been connected to pump and dumps, Fortnite Token is a crypto that rings alarm bells in the minds of any serious long-term crypto investors.

Fortnite Token was launched in 2021. Of course the name “Fortnite” would stand out, given its link to the game of the same name.

Fortnite was big a few years ago and still attracts global players.

The crypto-team behind Fortnite Token claims that the Token is not scam, but a genuine cryptocurrency project.

Fortnite CEO, Tim Sweeney, say the use of the Fortnite name and images is a breach of trademark and copyright.

The Fortnite game owner is Epic Games. And Sweeney has set the company’s team of lawyers onto the Fortnite Token project.

The Fortnite Token creators and Fortnite game owner have argued on Twitter whether Fortnite Token is a scam or not.

I think the bubble has burst on most of the new cryptocurrency tokens; Altcoins and coins at this time June 2022.

Will I be investing in the Fortnite Token?

I believe not.

With more and more alternative cryptos being added to the market on a daily and even hourly basis, I think it’s time to invest in serious cryptos and avoid the scams and pumps and dumps.

There’s too many crypto creators looking for ways to get rich quick using pump and dump Ponzi cryptos these days.

I don’t want to have my money tied to yet another here to today and gone tomorrow crypto which breaches trademark and copyright laws.

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