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Is Fox Corp stock FOX going to Crash?

Is Fox Corp stock FOX going to Crash?

Is Fox Corp stock FOX going to Crash?

Is Fox Corp stock going to Crash? FOX ticker suffered a massive drop in its stock price on Monday following Tucker Carlson leaving FOX News.

At the time of writing the FOX stock price was $29.72. The last time the stock was at this low level was on 13 March 2023.

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Tucker Carlson was an all truth, upfront, over opinionated controversial presenter that did not hold back on presenting uncovering news on the US Demarcates and their supporters.

Is Fox Corp stock FOX going to Crash after this weeks mini crash?

The FOX Corp stock saw about $1Billion Dollars wiped off of its share price when investors learned the news that Fox News main man, Tucker Carlson was fired.

Is Fox cleaning up the company with a view to selling the business in the near future?

Tucker Carlson’s hard hitting truth agenda had upset the people behind Fox and they had to get rid of him so that they could present Fox News as non anti Dems.

Moreover Tucker Carlson spoke about anti World Economic Forum (WEF) issues. The people involved in with the WEF such as Blackrock $BLK had bought a sizable stake in Fox Corp recently.

Tucker Carlson referred to the WEF – the people that run the world – as,

‘our lizard overlords’.

Is Fox Corp stock FOX going to Crash because advertisers will be cutting ad revenue?

It is believed that Tucker Carlson will take at least a quarter of Fox News audience away from Fox to his own news network which he may be currently working on. If not then there will be a bidding war to have Tucker Carlson join their network.

Tucker Carlson is such an A list personality, he could even run for president of the United States of America.

If Fox News lose out on viewership in the near and long term future this could impact on the Fox Corp stock price. Fox Corp stock could crash in the future given viewers will lose trust in the Fox News because of the way they have treated Tucker Carlson.

It could be argued that Fox News viewership only rose because of the popularity of Tucker Carlson covering Donald Trump stories. With Tucker now gone, Fox News is a stock that could crash at any moment.

The Fox stock crash could occur suddenly if Fox stock investors dump the stock by the masses. Also the Fox stock could crash slowly overtime as ad revenue and viewership is cut.

Tucker Carlson show on Fox News was the 2nd highest rated programme on the network and was the most well-known individual host. So the Fox News owners made the decision to fire Tucker on Sunday 23 April 2023.

Is Fox Corp stock FOX going to Crash because their owners News Corp see no value in the Fox News brand?

Fox News settled its lawsuits recently. But will it be enough to attract advertisers? I don’t think so, but even if Fox News does gain advertisers in the short term because Tucker is no longer there, the fact that Fox News will lose at least quarter of its viewers will ultimately have a bearing on how much advertising Fox News can attract in future.

If prime time US viewers cannot find truth and genuine opinions through Fox News they will tune into other networks.

News Corp are afraid of further lawsuits so are now trying to clean up Fox News. But viewers find people like Tucker more entertaining than listening to purely boring analytical news.

Tucker made the news; he created the news rather than merely reading the news. People were watching Fox News for Tucker. But now Fox News will only have its old timers tunning in to watch.

Is now the time to sell FOX stock?

If you don’t believe FOX stock has a future given recent events this might be a good time to dump FOX stock.

The FOX stock price may rise in the short term, but part of that may be inside investors trying to prop up the stock in an attempt to save the brand.

However US viewers and other global viewers of FOX News are more aware these days of all opinions which they access via the internet. Loyal Tucker Carlson viewers may dump Fox News because all trust has been lost.

How low could the FOX stock crash to?

I think $20 per share is possible in the near future and if FOX stock price reach this leave the stock could even sink to $15.

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