Is LUNC getting ready to lift off to the moon?: TabStocks Update

Is LUNC getting ready to lift off to the moon?: TabStocks Update

Is LUNC getting ready to lift off to the moon?: TabStocks Update

The price of LUNC is falling; $LUNC is in a bear market, so don’t cry over spilt milk!

Why is the LUNC price falling?

As we know the price of LUNC crashed from over $100 to… well, a price not worth talking about.

The only issue holding the price of LUNC from going to the moon is the number of tokens there are in issue.

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LUNC holder are looking for the creators to BURN LUNC tokens.

In essence burning LUNC tokens say would be like a reverse split of 100 to 1, in order for many other LUNC investors to jump on board the LUNC rocket pre-take-off.

If new money is not poured into LUNC even after a massive LUNC Burn then the price will not increase as much as people hope.

But LUNC should get the attention from crypto investors given it has a huge following.

One of the drawbacks with LUNC is its sister token that could take away from some of the money investors are looking to make.

Right now, September 2022, the whole crypto market is in a bear market. This is having a bearing on the price of LUNC and its recovery.

But in some respects, the LUNA crash has held back the crypto recovery.

When will the Crypto market rise again?

We have to look at international government back national cryptocurrencies that could be introduced in 2023.

This would start to give confidence to the crypto investors.

Though government established cryptos will be centralised and the best cryptocurrencies will remain decentralised.

LUNA made the mistake of attaching itself to the US Dollar. Since the LUNA crash, the hope LUNC has is to remain independent.

The price of LUNC may continue to fall in the short-term, at least until the start of 2023.

I would not be looking to invest in LUNC just yet because I think the price may continue falling until as I wrote the start of 2023.

If the LUNC price does fall, it could retrace its steps to 0.00015 again and trade sideways until 2023.

All eyes on the price of Bitcoin because this King of a crypto coin should lead the way.

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