Is this a good time to buy Cryptocurrencies?

Is this a good time to buy Cryptocurrencies?

Is this a good time to buy Cryptocurrencies?

The price of some cryptocurrencies are creeping in recent days following a big dip. Is this a dead cat bounce, where prices will end up even lower than the lows seen over the last few months are are we witnessing a steady recovery?

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The following cryptos have made positive moves in the crypto world.

ADA is up +6plus%, 1inch +3.8%, XLM +3plus%, ETH +2plus% and XRP has risen by around 1.2%

With the talk of war in the air, these are uncertain times. No doubt a lot of people are going to invest in gold and in cryptocurrencies.

I suspect, due to the sanctions of Russian banks, I would imagine lots of oligarchs are rushing around buying as much crypto as they can.

They will be opening crypto wallets;

and protecting their crypto investments in crypto ledgers and locking up their digital assets in bank safe deposit boxes along with their gold investments.

The big spike can occur at anytime, and be prompted by various reasons including celebs talking about cryptos or referring to cryptocurrencies.

A full on Russian-Ukrainian conflict could spark panic buying crypto

And then there are other pending conflicts in the world that could give more confidence to the use of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency investing.

The cost of living is rising;

the oil price is rising, food, fuel, energy prices are rising. The great reset could be just around the corner and cryptos are gearing up for a massive bull run like never seen before.

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of investing in crypto and saving money in crypto.

Given too that fiat money is subject to hyperinflation and manipulation on the world currency forex markets, it’s no wonder people are buying cryptocurrencies while prices are low.

In my opinion;

this is a good time to more cryptocurrencies if you don’t mind waiting for the next bull run to take place and if you want to diversify your investments into digital assets.

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