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Is this the Social Media Stock to make you Richer?

Pinterest $PINS boasts about 479 million active users per month. It is presently the world’s fourteenth widely used social networking site. Despite being far behind others like Facebook, which has 2.81 billion monthly users, Pinterest’s customer sales growth has been extremely spectacular when compared with others like Twitter. The number of users in the world increased by 30 percent year after year.


Why Pinterest is becoming so popular?

  • Pinterest is a graphical search platform to find recipes, lifestyle, fashion, motivation, and other ideas.
  • It can be used to express your thoughts with others by creating Pins.
  • It can be used for entertainment purposes.
  • Keep you up to date.
  • Also keep you in relation with your family members.


As a marketplace

Pinterest is a network for merchants because of its tremendous influence on consumers’ purchasing. Pinterest is a network for merchants because of its tremendous influence on consumers’ purchasing. You can use Pinterest regardless of what you’re offering, whether it’s traditional stuff like the finest presents or innovative products.

About 26 percent of businesses use Pinterest for promoting their products. It is a widely used social media network, trailing only Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Pinterest’s international sales increased by 48 percent year after year to $1,693 million.


Pinterest has earned a substantial amount of marketing speed in global markets, in addition to its worldwide  customer growth.

Pinterest in 2025

We can predict a band for key indicators in 2025 based on Pinterest’s current progress. Its customer base has risen at a rate of more than 40 million per year during the last 3 years. Hope it  will reach 70 million members by 2025. However, progress could reduce to only 30 million people every year, bringing the whole population to 445 million. After dividing the difference, Pinterest has over 540 million monthly active users.

Prosperity is more difficult to predict where Pinterest will be in the next four or six years, but it has already taken important strides toward success.


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