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Kanabo Group Plc KNB Looks Like A Big Buying Opportunity – Are You In?

Kanabo Group Plc KNB Looks Like A Big Buying Opportunity – Are You In?

Kanabo Group Plc KNB Looks Like A Big Buying Opportunity – Are You In?

The medical cannabis industry is in its infancy.

North American cannabis companies have led the way and markets are likely to expand in Western Europe and globally.

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It’s thus easy to see how Kanabo Group Plc (LON: KNB) can fulfil its strategy to generate shareholder value.

KNB was the first cannabis stock to list on the London Stock Exchange. It is fully regulated.

KNB has established legitimate aims in the cannabis wellness and medical market that can transition into a medicinal/pharmaceutical market.

Notwithstanding its research and development branch leads the way.

Certainly in the long term sales of medical cannabis products and wellness CBD products will grow.

Afterall, Kanabo has its foot in the door in this new space in delivering the benefits of its non-smoking consumption products.

As an investor in this medical cannabis industry one has to think long term in order to expect to realise true value.

The share price is more prone to the effects of short term sell off trades that fluctuate depending on market sentiment.

This is not all bad given those in it for the long haul will probably take the initiative and buy on those low dips.

The company expects an approximate 48% quarterly revenue growth, subject to due diligence with its Materia acquisition thus merger into cannabis production.

But revenue growth could be a lot more given two months of CBD stock was sold out in just two weeks in late 2021.

And distribution partners returned to replenish inventory on multiple occasions. It’s a clear case of the supply unable to keep up with the demand.

This is good news because it’s a sign Kanabo plans to scale up in 2022. Afterall there’s the German market it needs to supply to.

In the future, with increased trade volumes and the delivery of medical cannabis, Kanabo could transform into an Apple, Tesla or Bitcoin investment where the mainstream invest because it’s new and edgy.

It’s important to understand that there’s a genuine market for cannabis based medical products therefore an early invest risk should pay off.

Kanabo’s Noidecs T340 Vape Cartridge is already being used by patients based in the UK. The product is receiving very positive reviews.

Increased sales will grow the company’s revenue into the green, which in turn will cultivate the company’s expansion plans.

Sentiment is likely to increase thus current low share prices are a buying opportunity if you dare to believe.

So long as the company can keep on eye on its cash burn – which it seems it is thus far, Kanabo should emerge as the Bitcoin king of the medical cannabis industry.

KNB closed down 1.96% at 12.50 (Friday 21 January 2022) Its year high is 51p and year low 12.40p.

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