LUNC Terra Classic – How High Could the LUNC Price Reach?

LUNC Terra Classic - How High Could the LUNC Price Reach?

LUNC Terra Classic – How High Could the LUNC Price Reach?

The crypto token Terra Classic LUNC is getting a lot of attention due to the burning of LUNC tokens.

At present the amount of LUNC burnt is low but if the people behind LUNC increase the amounts of LUNC tokens they are able to burn then all eyes will be on LUNC.

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Not just that but if large amounts of LUNC are burnt on a frequent basis then LUNC could go to the moon.

There has been some large buying activity in to the Terra Classic tokens and this is a good sign.

Clearly some big investors believe that LUNC has a future and a big one at that.

LUNC burn = 1.2% tax rate presently, but that could increase a lot, and at a fast rate.

The current plan is to burn 10 billion LUNC supply.

And although 10 billion is a low amount compared to the some 6.9 trillion LUNC is circulation, the burn rate could increase overtime.

As of the time of writing 3am GMT 23 September 2022 the LUNC buy price is $0.00028.

LUNC saw a recent high of almost $0.00060

Clearly the LUNC price is in a bear market following the crash. But LUNC is not dead – it has been born again, and lives on.

Should you invest in Terra Classic LUNC?

I cannot tell you whether to invest or not. I can only tell you what I have done. I bought LUNC when the Price was $0.00010 and sold just below the recent peak.

And I have bought in again following the burning of LUNC tokens. I bought in at the current price $0.00028 because I see value and a future for LUNC.

I am planning to hold on to LUNC for the long-term.

I believe the price of LUNC will rocket as more and more LUNC tokens are burned and sent to dead crypto wallets.

I am only investing money I can afford to lose. But I am careful with my investing decisions.

The current price of LUNC appears to be stable even though it fell from almost $0.00060 to just below $0.00025

The LUNC price is trading sideways and success of LUNC depends on more investors buying LUNC tokens and many more LUNC tokens being burned.

Of course, the spreads to buy LUNC are wider now due to the tax added on, but at such a low price with burning plans in action, I still believe a LUNC investment is fair value.

The supply of LUNC would need to be slashed big time to encourage more investment.

If the people behind Terra Classic who are running the show want LUNC to do well then, they would no doubt have big plans to burn trillions of LUNC tokens.

Whilst this may take time to achieve, I would expect the price of Terra Classic LUNC to continue to rise albeit at a slow pace.

There may be some price spikes and dips, but this is to be expected with a top-heavy crypto token given its history.

Notwithstanding crypto assets are susceptible to market moves. But the good news is for Terra Classic is that crypto overall is in a bear market and the LUNA crash occurred during the crypto bear market.

Some people think that most cryptocurrencies coins and tokens are down because of Terra Classic. But this is a false belief.

Crypto was entering a bear cycle and was knocked down by talk of government regulation including the US, China cracking down on cryptos, and the likes of Elon Musk bashing cryptos, giving in to the woke view on climate change and the use of energy.

Given that the world is accepting more and more crypto use and governments are developing their own crypto currencies including the US and UK; then clearly there is a future for cryptocurrencies coins and tokens.

LUNC really needs to be burning some 10 billion tokens every 2 weeks. There are 1,000 billion tokens for every 1 trillion LUNC supply there is.

So, it would take 4 years to burn 1 trillion LUNC tokens at that rate. And 12 years to burn 3 trillion LUNC tokens (almost have of the LUNC supply) at the same rate.

Clearly the people at Terra Classic need to be burning 100 billion LUNC tokens at a time and at least every month.

In this instance it would only take about 3 years to burn almost half of the current LUNC supply of tokens.

Terra Classic LUNC Price Prediction

Based on burning half of the current supply of LUNC say over the next 5 years, with some serious investing from seasoned crypto long-term diamond hands holders, it’s easy to see that LUNC could reach $10.

If on the other hand the Terra Classic head office decides to be radical, and burns say 3 trillion LUNC tokens within 24-months timeframe and thereafter continues to burn LUNC tokens we could be looking at a price of over $100 if the board at LUNC’s ultimate objective is to get the supply down to 500 billion LUNC tokens max.

No doubt the people behind LUNC have a long-term goal in mind, and we will see the pattern of this play out over the coming weeks and months.

The pattern has already started, though small, it is nevertheless a start in the right direction, and I think those of us who sit for too long on the fence deciding whether to invest or not may very well kick themselves in a few years from now.

I think China could adopt LUNC as well as the US government and if I am correct then LUNC could become the leading world crypto currency of the future.

Depending on how much LUNC tokens are burned, the future price of LUNC could reach an astronomical amount as tokens are bought up rapidly buy large populations including India too.

LUNC coin very well become the new bitcoin. And if the supply of LUNC tokens could be brought down to 500 billion the LUNC price could reach $1,000 to $5,000.

5 years from now, when someone asks me, “Did you buy LUNC” I want to be one of those people who answer, “Yes I did!” as I get into my $100k PLUS car on the way to my yacht.

At least if it does not work out, I would not have lost a lot.

But if I do end up making a fortune, I would have done so because I believed I bought in while the LUNC price was crazy low despite the number of tokens in circulation.

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