LUNC the price is rising but should you invest now?

LUNC the price is rising but should you invest now?

This IN-DEPTH TabStocks Article considers if now is the time (Sep 2022) to invest in LUNC

LUNA Classic (LUNC) is the original coin of the Terra Luna blockchain network aimed at top-level developers.

After the recent collapse of UST/LUNA, the developers decided to take a step forward and created a completely new network for transactions with their token – LUNA v2.0, while LUNC was left as the native token of the old network.

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Terra is an open-source blockchain that hosts its ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps), in addition, a large number of tools are available here, tailored for highly skilled developers.

More recently, the media has raised the topic of how much investment in DeFi has fallen precisely because of the difficulty of hiring a good developer, but Terra decided to fix this problem and created a whole list of its tools that help facilitate the creation of the application.

Luna Classic launch

The fall of LUNA became one of the most famous falls in the crypto market in history, even such major publications as Forbes wrote about it.

The money of millions of people turned into dust and this greatly shook the reputation of the project.

The creator of LUNA is one of the few people who did not hide his face, his name is Do Kwon – a South Korean entrepreneur, a genius in the crypto world that has the ambition of creating a network that will surpass Ethereum.

Sometime after the fall of the token, he decided to change his strategy and went straight to the action – to create his ecosystem in the blockchain.

He is well aware of the problems of developing decentralized applications and undertook to fix them in his project, as the ecosystem was created, he announced the creation of LUNA v2.0 called Luna Classic (he took the example of Ethereum when hackers hacked the main network and developers created Ethereum Classic).

On May 28, the token of the old network was renamed to LUNC, and the new LUNA v2.0 token was launched on the Terra network.

Is $LUNC relevant?

Despite the launch of a new token, LUNC continues to increase lost volumes.

Only in the last week, it brought its holders +50% of investments, and over the past months, this figure can reach x15-x20.

Old holders will not be happy about this as they bought LUNC for much more, but those who bought it more recently continue to rejoice at the new profit.

It’s funny, but the token that suffered the biggest drop in the history of cryptocurrencies has now become one of the most sought-after tokens for investment during the crypto winter.

Unlike the stagnating Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Solana, it can make a profit for its holders.

Also, do not forget about the reverse side of the coin after the fall, the project became one of the most popular, and the number of Google searches for this project exceeded the popularity of bitcoin and Ethereum combined at the peak, it was because of this that people began to be interested in the project and its creators.

LUNC and LUNA v2.0 what is the difference?

LUNC is the native token of the old network (which has fallen), and LUNA V2.0 is the token of the new Terra network that is configured for developers.

LUNC has great popularity in society, constantly growing volumes, and investments in it were carried out by such large centralized companies as Binance, Huobi, and OKEx.

At the Terra summit, where the launch of LUNA v2.0 and the rebranding of LUNC were announced, Do Kwon announced a full course towards decentralization.

He has already encountered regulatory problems and came to the conclusion that the new Terra network and, accordingly, LUNA v2.0 should become completely decentralized.

Simply put, LUNC is a more regulated token, while LUNA 2.0 is more decentralized.

Where can I buy LUNA Classic?

You can purchase $LUNC on one of the most popular crypto exchanges Binance, KuCoin, FTX, and Kraken.

The LUNA v2.0 airdrop also included a distribution to LUNA Classic holders, causing demand to rise.

Before the launch of Terra 2, most platforms disabled $LUNC trading, now it is available again.

Terra 2

Since May 28, the Terra blockchain has been reborn into Terra – 2 or Phoenix – 1, which the creator Do Kwon called the:

rebirth network

(apparently based on the fact that the phoenix can be reborn).

The developers have made a full emphasis on decentralization and show it in their documentation.


The platform allows you to stake LUNC and get rewards for it. To start staking you need:

  1. Open Terra Station and click Stake.
  2. Select the Validator with which you would like to stake and click on their name in the Moniker column of the validator list.
  3. In the My delegations section, click Delegate and a new window will appear.
  4. In the Amount field, specify the amount of Luna you want to delegate.

Ecosystem for dApps

Phoenix – 1 or Terra – 2 offers you a large set of the most relevant tools for creating decentralized applications.

The project has already attracted a large number of investors interested in the ecosystem, and about a hundred projects are currently being developed.


The Terra blockchain is a proof-of-stake blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK and secured by a verification system called the Tendermint consensus.

To put it simply, the system is confirmed.

The transaction process is very similar to Ethereum but different from Bitcoin, each block is confirmed by a new validator and it stores information that is then verified.

The Terra-2 ecosystem is a revolutionary offering for dApps developers and empowers a large number of crypto enthusiasts.

Despite the collapse of the previous network, the developers created a completely new proposal that interested large investors.

Kwon led the development of a new network and presented it on May 28, alas, at first most of the holders chose to leave the project, but at the moment he is not only alive but also giving record profits to his holders.

During the crypto-winter, the majority looked at Terra – 2 because of its price dynamics and the popularity of LUNA, which allowed the project to grow and attract a large number of partners.

At the moment, Binance, Kraken, ERC-20, and others are cooperating with the project, and the largest publications on crypto topics such as coindesk and are involved in the media component.

Founder of LUNC and Terra-2

The mastermind behind LUNA, LUNC, and LUNA v2.0 is one person – South Korean entrepreneur Do Kwon.

It is his personality that is one of the strongest engines of the project, subscribers in his social networks number in the millions, his opinion is considered very authoritative, and large publishing houses are ready to pay huge sums of money to interview neo.

Despite regulation, harassment, and the biggest downfall in crypto history, Do Kwon decided to continue on his path to decentralization.

He called the Terra summit and began to talk about his idea of ​​​​rebirth of the project.

It must be remembered that there was no trust in him, 80% of the holders left the project and the price of the LUNA token fell to the lowest value, but even this did not stop him.

The project was launched quite recently, but we already see a huge number of partners, an ever-increasing number of holders, and the popularity of the project.

$LUNC features

Crisis is the best time to become a niche leader

– this is right and perfect for LUNA Classic.

The token that suffered the largest drop is gaining momentum, it is in great demand due to its popularity, airdrops with LUNA v2.0, as well as huge volatility.

While large tokens like Ethereum are squeezing out 1% of the price movement, LUNC can show 50% profit in a week, and sometimes more.

What is it connected with?

Unpegging a stablecoin

We all remember why LUNA fell – the commotion of stablecoins on different exchanges + strong regulation from the government.

Now, this is not the case, the project has become much more decentralized, and the idea of ​​​​stablecoins is no longer relevant.

From one point of view, this is an obvious reaction to the previous failure, from the other, it is the complete destruction of the minuses of projects.


LUNA v2.0 airdrops continue for LUNC holders, enabling users to participate in the new project.


The excitement around the fall of LUNA made an ideal altcoin from the native token, the price fell to the lowest values, but those who bought it immediately after the fall would now make a profit x20-x50.


During the crypto winter, a large number of tokens simply cannot give their holders the desired profit, and Bitcoin has completely snowballed down.

Crypto enthusiasts are always looking for opportunities and they found them in LUNC and LUNA v2.0 which completely satisfied their needs.

Should I buy LUNA Classic?

To answer this question, you must understand the essence of the ecosystem and its features (as described above) – decentralization, focus on app developers, the rebirth of LUNA, and the standard functions of the ecosystem (staking, landing, mining).

Does the project have a huge base of holders, partners, and investors?

The project cooperates with large companies that dominate the niche, the number of holders after the fall began to grow back, and partners from the Terra 2.0 summit began to actively develop their applications based on the Phoenix-1 ecosystem.

The project has great potential in long-term investments simply because it has nowhere to fall, and the old holders have been completely replaced by new ones + the rebranding under LUNC played a role.

LUNA Classic strongly dominates LUNA v2.0 which gives it a big advantage over investors.

Also, the project is one of the few who can offer its holders a big profit.

But much more interesting LUNA Classic shows itself in short-term investments – x15-x20 or +50% per week.

You need to look to the future but also remember the past, it was then that the project received the biggest drop and no one is safe that this will not happen again.

The most thoughtful solution would be to keep the token in your portfolio for no more than 2 weeks and withdraw it on the ups without waiting for a bigger profit.

Yes, you will miss a possible part of the profit, but protect yourself from risks in this way.

Pros and cons of LUNA Classic

$LUNC is one of the most controversial assets at the moment, promising and unreliable at the same time, so we have collected for you the pros and cons of this project in this paragraph.


– High popularity

– Integrated with the current ecosystem.

– Available on the most popular platforms

– Has major partners

– Brings huge profits in short-term investments

– decentralized


– The largest drop in the price of a token in the past

– Problems with regulation

– The presence of a competitor in the form of LUNA v2.0

– Lost 80% of holders

– Lack of manuals for the ecosystem (very little information)

As you can see, the project has an almost equal number of pros and cons, so we advise you to study this article in as much detail as you can if you want to invest in $LUNC.

LUNA Classic is a promising project with a good short-term investment opportunity.

It has great potential as part of the Phoenix-1 ecosystem for dApps developers and as a coin for LUNA v2.0 airdrops.

The token makes it possible to stake, mine, and lending cryptocurrency. Also, you can trade and earn on one of the most volatile assets during the crypto winter.

$LUNC is a combination of a difficult past and a promising future with a seasoning of instant income, in it everyone will find something to be interested in the project.

We strongly recommend reading our article and analyzing the information before making any investment decisions.

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Disclaimer: Please read our disclaimer notice on our terms and conditions page before making any investment decisions. Content not recommendations to buy or sell.

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