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Moderna MRNA Will This Stock Last Long Term?

Moderna MRNA Will This Stock Last Long Term?

Moderna MRNA Will This Stock Last Long Term?

Almost $500 share price, now around $160 can Moderna (NASDAQ: MRNA) excel once again or will this stock fade into the Pharma background?

If coronavirus and flu are here to stay;

does this mean Moderna will survive for years to come no matter what?

We see the share price since September 2021, losing over half of its high value.

At this stage traders are asking if this might be a good time to short Moderna.

Clearly some traders have shorted this stock from its peak of around $500.

The question is do they continue to short, do they wait, and will new short sellers take over who are less optimistic.

Earnings Report

At this stage the hope is for a good Earnings Report due towards the end February 2022.

Could rumours be destroying Moderna, rumours such as: The covid-19 vaccines contain HIV spike proteins.

Whatever the truth behind the rumours, some say the hype is over for Moderna and the stock price fall further, a lot further some private investors believe.

Investors are thus steering clear

mRNA is the relevant term investors must concentrate on when thinking about the future of this company.

If Moderna produces other mRNA vaccines, for other conditions, then the company has a future.

However if mRNA turns out to be a disaster due to side-effects that are not currently known, then the future could be bleak for $MRNA.

This may be the reason cautious investors are staying away.

Share Price Action

I would expect the share price might continue to fall given the volatile nature of the pharma sector.

Moderna still has orders to fulfil and large orders to Indonesia.

Recent reports concerning new corona variants state that Moderna vaccines have no effect.

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Therefore new variants emerging, the latest being omicron it’s not clear how effective the vaccines are or will be that are being produced by Moderna and similar companies that use mRNA technology.

Moderna growth stock?

It’s not clear if Moderna will turn out to be a future growth stock.

What is clear though is that is has been a massive hype stock since being listed on the NASDAQ, but more since coronavirus showed up on the world stage.

Those investors who bought into the hype towards the $500 peak, are now pouring more money into this stock as the price continues to fall.

Sadly this is no cryptocurrency where a bull market may come around again.

If it turns out bad for Moderna the price could crash to $50 or lower and may stay down for years to come, and may never go up again.

Those who are buying more shares and hoping for £2,000/3/4k share price may want to diversify and look for better opportunities.

Moderna has already been to the moon and now it’s on its way back;

The problem with following the advice of stock analysts, moreover those who write for big media outlets is that there’s always an agenda.

You’ll typically find that those stock analysts echo the hope of those who are buying on the way down.

In my view, and it’s my view only, the clever money has long since pulled out of Moderna and moved on to better opportunities.

You may disagree, and indeed I may be wrong, but the share price doesn’t lie and the trend is downwards.

Moderna MRNA Will This Stock Last Long Term?

If Moderna continues to fall and stays low for years to come, then the virus-hype of buying shares into a spike would have worked, yet again, as it nearly always does, when people get carried away.

That said those who got in at around $20 and sold near the top did well of course, but in this respect in the short term we have to consider that Moderna might turn out to be the corona pump and dump.

I might be wrong;

If in the long term, this company turns out to be one for the investors portfolio.

At the present time though, I’m going to keep my money in cash and wait for better opportunities.

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