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NuGene International Inc NUGN stock could rocket soon

NuGene International Inc NUGN stock could rocket soon

NuGene International Inc NUGN stock could rocket soon

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NuGene International Inc. (Livento Group) – OTC (OTCMKTS: $NUGN)

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NUGN is a radical therapeutics innovator that is involved in the development, research, and distribution of skincare products.

NuGene is a shell company and operates as the Livento Group after a merger between the two. The company is engaged in intensive research that seeks to transform the skincare industry.

It’s patent-pending stem cell technology, a superior medical formula that could be instrumental in curbing malignant diseases and extending the lifespan of nourished skin, preventing the aging process.

The company works with experts in the field like clinicians, dermatologists, and cell biologists to distribute its products.

NUGN was founded in 2013 by Dr. Mohammed Saeed Kharazmi and is headquartered in Nevada, US.

Recent Most Important News about NuGene International Inc NUGN

NUGN has been under the radar for a long time, going public in 2015. It is receiving significant attention lately as rumor is spreading about the possibility of a NASDAQ listing.

NUGN announced a collaboration with Euro Dot in the development of environmental technology within the logistics and other tech industries.

Livento Group has built a model of acquiring disruptive and tech-driven enterprises. It is no surprise that it is making plans to merge with Eurodot.

The latter is anticipating an IPO with a European company, which could be great news for NUGN as well.

The stock has since remained a penny stock from its inception. Recent price action has been upbeat with the stock in the green. It has huge catalysts for the next upside.

NUGN is reducing its total shares from 800M to 500M as they revealed in a post. This was in August, and they delivered on their promise, reflecting positively on the company.

In the last month, the Group closed a real estate deal in the Czech Republic. It entailed a modern residential energy-efficient building that has been under construction by NUGN since 2019.

Sales amounted to $8M and the project was completed.

NUGN has ventured into several industries and is at the core of ground-breaking innovations. It is incorporating AI and machine learning to fulfil its bold ambitions.

Current Position of NuGene International Inc NUGN

This penny stock has a lot of catalysts that make it a huge runner. The Euro Dot IPO announced by the company on their official page on Twitter confirmed the process is ongoing.

Details were also mentioned on how they plan to deliver to shareholders in the coming months.

The merger between the company and many others will make reinforce the strength of the group. The remainder of 2022 still seems busy for the company with the IPO and an OTC upgrade expected.

David Stybr, CEO of the Livento group believes it is a data analytics company that utilizes technology to capitalize on different markets.

NUGN is looking to make an entrance into the logistics sector. In its typical disruptive fashion, it seeks to make the sector cleaner and greener, with high tech.

The group runs via two main segments namely BOXO productions (entertainment) and Portfolio management system (financial services).

The company also has an active real estate management division. It packages project that is later sold to investors, focusing on the European residential market where the demand is very high.

It also offers other services like refinancing, strategic positioning, etc.

BOXO productions have done quite well in the sector, producing a target of 6 productions this year with box office sales in the region of $50M.

It works with the leading partners in the industry including big names like Paramount and Netflix.

The entertainment sector is very resilient, even in recessionary times and almost always sells. NUGN is well-diversified to position for the economic headwinds that lie ahead.

It works with top entertainers like Stan Lee and Robert de Niro.

Additionally, the group is future-oriented and is betting big on AI technology as the next revolution.

Its AI and Machine learning system is data intensive to assess the markets and industries to find the most prospective asset class.

It’s AI systems have a three-year successful track record and the ability to process 40% faster than the market average.

With the rapid developments ongoing, NUGN has to be the best penny stock hands down. It shows forthcoming results of rallying and ditching the current status quo.

The company leverages a small overhead employing about 12 employees across Europe and US. Most of its activities are deferred to partners and third-party operators.

This is a great hedge strategy to keep its balance sheet lean and prevent the risk of collapse.

It also grants it the flexibility to move faster in the market than the big players, identifying opportunities that they would otherwise miss.

The stock is on its way to the Nasdaq and a lot of work is still required to reach this. Once they ring the opening bell of the QQQ, an astronomical rise will be anticipated.

NUGN is a fine company that is very growth inclined and could soon be at the tipping point.

NUGN Stock Price Chart

NUGN Stock Price Chart

NUGN Stock Price Chart

As of the time of writing, $NUGN closed the week at $0.0683 on the 14th of October 2022. It is down by -14% from its previous close.

Signals are showing it bouncing as it’s becoming more attractive to investors given the many developments ahead.

As evident from the chart above, the stock has seen ups and downs this year. It is now at a lower price than it was at its peak in April.

The stock has performed remarkably year-to-date and is astonishingly up by +132%, despite the huge pullback. It has been a great return in the past five years, up by +249% in the period.

The stock has a low market cap of $14M and a significantly huge float of 1.93M (average volume).

A rally in the stock could be an exponential increase in value, minting several millionaires who bullishly hold the stock.

The stock is very undervalued and will take off as the company does the same.

Sentiment on NuGene International Inc NUGN

With a lot of positive news coming its way, the stock has been on the positive side, surging by as much as 500% in a single month.

All of its sectors are very prospective, and the company could do great, but the BOXO segment is particularly appealing.

One commentary says:

Easy 20x from here, many movies being produced with major contracts with companies such as Netflix & Apple. This is the very beginning of a massive run-up.

Extreme confidence is exhibited in NUGN and individuals say it’s the one stock they don’t have to worry about. It’s worth every dime.

The stock has been hurt by the massive sell-off, affecting virtually all indices. A lot of dumping has pushed the stock price down.

NUGN is a great prospect, with faith from large and small investors alike.

Pros of Investing in NuGene International Inc NUGN

  • Huge Disruptor – The company has positioned itself to be at the forefront of new tech and upending conventional enterprises. This approach ensures its survival and thriving in the coming days. Its mission is to always be a step ahead.
  • Risk/Reward – NUGN is not risk-averse and chooses to manage risk to maximize gains. Low-risk assets tend to have low returns. By leveraging and having the acumen, high risk can be maneuvered to obtain solid returns.
  • Defensive stock – In its portfolio, the company comprises entertainment, Healthcare, and property development. These are essential sectors that have done well even in bad times. Bear markets are the best times to capitalize on cheap assets.
  • Heavily Undervalued – With the rapid developments ongoing, the company is still in a penny stock and therefore not at its fair value. It is at lows that could not be seen again.

Cons of Investing in NuGene International Inc NUGN

  • Small player – The company is still small and thus has received little attention from the public. The more eyeballs a company has, the better it translates financially. It requires time to reach this height.
  • Market pullback – With the current economic headwinds, the masses are getting out of markets and preferring safe alternative assets.

Profits for NuGene International Inc NUGN

NUGN is in the development phase and has yet to realize substantial gains. It realized its quarterly earnings in July 2022, providing updates on its project.

Revenue for the quarter came in at $475K. Operating income came in at 316K. Performance is not well-defined at this point and more funding is taking place.

The balance sheet of the company is intact with virtually zero debt. This is a great strategy to avoid a potential burden as the cost of lending gets more expensive.

The total assets currently stand at a remarkable $23.31M, and the total equity in the company is valued at $22.83M.

The sectors it operates in are showing robust growth and this could benefit it as well. Digital home entertainment services hit a record revenue of $101B and did not see a blip, with and after the pandemic.

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BOXO leadership comprises top film industry stars. Actor Petr Jakl heads the division and is confident in the ability of the company.

We expect to generate approximately $50M in global box office sales per movie over the next three years.

CEO David Stybr unequivocally stated that AI is its keystone and will be the primary revenue driver going forward. NUGN stock has so far returned by +3.47%.

The financials are not forthcoming at the moment, but this could improve drastically once it gets on its feet.

NUGN is a great value play that will return to its investors, with massive gaining potential, showing signals of profitability soon.

Growth Likelihood and Potential for NuGene International Inc NUGN

NUGN is a big dreamer that is reaching for the stars and beyond. The company prides itself in disrupting markets and this culture could put it in good stead to be a future winner.

Large investors across the globe will participate in the stock as it picks listing in the two exchanges this year.

The Euro DOT IPO will mark a seismic shift for the company, of which it holds a 15% stake in the logistics company.

NUGN is expanding its presence in the US and is setting up new offices in Miami, Florida. The company is seeking to establish strong operations in the states, arguably one of the markets in the globe.

All of its sectors are potential game changers that could grow into behemoths in the days ahead. BOXO is picking up pace and will be an industry giant with great performers under its belt.

Real estate is at interesting crossroads currently with the hike in interest rates. Developers in the sector are making a killing in the mid-income residential niche, as rents go up due to inflation.

Property prices are expected to see a backlash with high rates and could drop even further in a recession. NUGN is an incredible manager in the space and could obtain more assets cheaply in the chaos.

AI is the bellwether of tech and is the biggest disruptor yet across the globe and in the company’s vision.

NUGN is therefore well-positioned to be a standard in the sector and is cut out for the competition. The stock could surge tenfold in the next decade and exceed targets.

Could NuGene International Inc NUGN stock rocket soon?

NUGN is greatly undervalued and very fast-growing. It is one of the best penny stocks to own in the market.

That being said the stock has been rather volatile in the past few months, gaining and losing double digits in a few days.

NUGN is one of the few rare stocks that is still positively up in the past year. It goes on to show that grabbing undervalued stocks is the best move in the market, both long-term & short-term.

The company has cut down its shares and thus works favorably for its investors who get more ownership of the company, increasing their equity.

The technical indicators are running wildly with the current market. The stock is very momentous and has support at $0.13. NUGN is set up for a huge run-up and is a no-brainer.

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