Parcelcompare and How They Scam Customers

Parcelcompare and How They Scam Customers

Parcelcompare and How They Scam Customers is a company that professes to be the low cost middleman for worldwide parcel collection and delivery. However, they are not all they claim to be. They are scamming customers.

It has come to our attention that scams people of their money while posing to be a good company.

There are countless complaints about how the company scams people of their money and bad reviews have been made about this company.

Evidence of such complaints can be read on Google reviews and Trustpilot and other online well known review sites.

Acting as a go between, the Parcelcompare service seem to be cheaper than individual parcel delivery companies charge, but they are not.

These individual parcel delivery companies are not as expensive as parcelcompare.

Parcelcompare hides behind cheap prices to gain customers and then to scam them in the process.

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They do this by offering cheap prices when a customer first uses the Parcelcompare service. After that, because Parcel compare track cookies, the prices offered later are inflated.

I used Parcelcompare and later when I tried to use their service again I was being asked to pay over 3 times what it would have cost had I booked my parcel in with Parcelforce directly.

By booking directly with Parcelforce the price was £10 and booking with Parcelforce via Parcelcompare the price I was being asked to pay was £44, and it was for the same service i.e. Parcelforce were the handlers and Parcelcompare were the scam middleman service.

What Parcelcompare is Up To

This company deceives people into thinking they are reliable and trustworthy and they boost reviews on their review site to appear reliable.

To show how seriously people are being scammed, reviews about the company are given on Trustpilot and Google to show how much harm parcelcompare does their customers.

Here is what parcelcompare is doing and not what they claim to do:

  • Fake Surcharges

Parcelcompare charges little for parcels and later charges an additional amount on goods saying that the parcel was bigger or heavier than the details the customer had entered when booking through Parcelcompare.

A lot of reviews have been made about these ridiculous fake surcharges by this company. These reviews are either posted on Trustpilot, Google or other reliable sites.

I have been sending parcels through different parcel delivery companies for over 30 years. I have never been asked to pay more or funds later taken from my bank because a parcel was bigger or heavier. That is until I used Parcelcompare.

But the thing is, I measure all of the parcels I send and weigh them too. I give accurate measurements. For instance, if the height of the box is 43.5cm I will say that it is 44cm, just to be on the safe side.

I will also measure each of the 4 corners in case one of the corners measures longer, and will use the longer measurement to represent all 4 corners.

At the end of the day, I want to make sure there are no issues with the many parcels I send to my own customers.

  • Parcelcompare Steals Money From Customer’s Bank accounts

Parcelcompare scams customers by charging them more money six weeks after the customer has sent a parcel. They do this because the company retains the debit or credit card details of customers and waits for a long time before stealing from your bank and by that time the receiver of the parcel would have thrown away the box.

Also I don’t take pictures of the parcels I send, i.e. holding up a measure tape and should I be expected to do this and hold that evidence for 6 weeks or more? And also to take a picture of the scales weighing the parcels? Parcelcompare know this is unreasonable and so part of their business model is to wait 6 weeks then effectively steal from customers.

  • Parcelcompare do not display any Email address or Customer service Phone number

The company has no email address or telephone number on their website for customers to contact them and this is so it can scam people and not be contacted. The ‘invoice link’ sent by the company to customer’s email addresses does not work. And this is so that customers cannot take up the issue with Parcelcompare or the delivery companies who collected and/or delivered the parcels.

  • Fail to Collect Parcels

There are situations where the customers are charged extra and the parcels are not collected. There are no means of communication and the contact links are not functioning. Thus it is also the case that Parcelcompare charge for the service but hold the funds and do not make the bookings with the parcel delivery companies.

  • Delayed Delivery

Parcelcompare delay in sending the parcel label that you have paid for so that they can charge extra to deliver it again without any means to justify it.

They sometimes make you pay extra for delivery and do not deliver any parcels. The customer gets tired and cancels the delivery thereby losing the money to Parcelcompare.

  • Lie about refunding

They lie about refunding when something is wrong with the delivery or collection but they do not refund the money customers have paid.

  • Misplaced Parcel

Parcelcompare say parcels have been delivered but the receiver does not receive any parcel and nothing is done about it. This means the sender of the parcel is scammed again by Parcelcompare.

When the parcel gets to the receiver, the box is empty or the parcel is destroyed.

  • Boosting of Reviews

Parcelcompare increases reviews of the company to a five-star rating to deceive people that their company is reliable and to make people use their services.

The Directors and Why They Created This Business Model

Sending parcels to people in other countries is done worldwide. People would love to send parcels to their loved ones or friends in other countries at a reasonable price.

The directors of parcelcompare are aware that people send and collect parcels almost every day to other countries. The directors created this business model to make money off people by first using cookie tracking.

The directors:


AND Partner is Crime –

Charles David ASTWOOD

They offer what seems cheap to get people to use the company and up the prices thereby scamming people in the process. For example, a customer who wants to send a parcel gets a cheaper price then they are charged more later on for reasons parcelcompare cannot justify.

They retain the credit or debit card details of customers after sending the parcels via them and they send an email advising customers of an extra charge without justifying it.

When customers refuse an extra charge to be paid, the company goes ahead to remove money from the customer’s bank and when the parcels get delivered, the company still removes money from the banks of customers six weeks after sending the parcels and cannot justify it.

They send you an invoice attached to the email sent by them but the invoice does not open yet they charge extra for adjustment of the invoice and take money from the customer’s account without being told to do so.

The reason they wait for six weeks before removing money from your account is that the receiver of the parcel would have thrown the packaging or box and thereby will not be able to access any information about the parcel

The directors of parcelcompare steal from customers by telling them that the parcel was overweighed instead of under weighed to charge extra.

The directors failed to put a telephone number or an email address to get to them in case of any complaints from customers. This is common among scam companies. Scam companies fail to place an email or a number to avoid customers contacting them to complain.

Reviews about parcelcompare are boosted by the company to deceive people into using the company to send and collect parcels. Parcelcompare has two directors and these directors are directors in other companies.

The directors got appointed as the directors of these companies on the same day, month and year. Some of these companies have been dissolved.

Here are the companies linked with the directors:

  • FDS Worldwide Express (UK) Limited(05169557)Active
  • Parcel Limited(07005171) Active
  • Parcelvision Limited(05906604)Active
  • Hero logistics Group Limited (12795144) Active
  • Parcelhero Group Limited (08474111)Active
  • Deliver Plus Limited(05386707) Active
  • Saving Local Limited(12548714) Dissolved
  • PR Pet Products Limited(09681359) Dissolved
  • Pet Runaway Limited(08466479) Dissolved
  • Property DNA Limited(07134188)Dissolved
  • MEDIALAM Ltd(073 LTD(07376212) Dissolved
  • Hospitality Media Limited(08685798)Dissolved
  • Galangal Limited(07743031)Dissolved
  • Parcelcompare Limited (02276054) Active
  • Nutrique Limited(10194552)Active
  • Deliver Plus(East Midlands) Limited(07118811)Dissolved

It is interesting to know that limited and Deliver plus limited have the same fraudulent issues and reviews as

The directors of Parcelcompare are also directors of and Deliver Plus Limited.

Other employees of parcelcompare seem to have resigned from the company and the only active members are these two directors.

It may seem that all the employees resigned because of how shady parcelcompare is.

It also shows that only the directors are active and are running the company on their own for selfish reasons. It shows that they are running the company to scam people and want to get away with it.

How Serious The Situation Is

Here are a few complaints about parcelcompare. There are a lot of complaints on Trustpilot about parcelcompare and how they scam people. People are scammed by this company who claim to be reliable but are not.

The situation is bad because people are not aware due to the good reviews that the company did to paint a good image.

This is a serious issue because a lot of people have lost their money and if you are not careful, you might be defrauded too.

Here are a few reviews from Trustpilot:

There are hundreds and hundreds of complaints about Parcelcompare of just how and why customers are being scammed. And the bad reviews just keep coming. It’s never ending. This is because the business model of Parcelcompare is to make money by scamming people.

What You Should Do When You Get Scammed By Parcelcompare

Customers who get scammed find it difficult to know the next step to take to stop the scam from happening again. There are a few things to do when you have been scammed by Parcelcompare.

Here are things to do when you get scammed:

  • Report to your bank, card charging services or website that handles payments to record the transaction as fraudulent.
  • Report to your bank to block your card and issue a new one to you.
  • Freeze your account to avoid more money from being taken.
  • Report them to trading standards.
  • Report them to the banks they use to steal customers money; banks should not be allowing a scam company to use their service otherwise by extension they are part of the scam.
  • Contact their web hosting servers to report that Parcelcompare is operating a scam and ask the host server to close the website.
  • Sue Parcelcompare for distress and inconvenience.
  • Report Parcelcompare to Companies House that their Limited company is operating a scam.
  • Share this article to all delivery companies they use to fulfil the scam.

Warn other people and companies so they will not be scammed by this company. Every time you see an advertisement about on any business forum reach out to them to stop advertising because they are scammers.

A proper check on reviews of companies should be done to know the kind of company you are dealing with.

Write to site that eBay to warn them that Parcelcompare is a scam.

When these businesses stop advertising for, they will not be known to people thereby no one will patronise the company which saves people from being scammed

Reports can be made through social media links like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter stating how bad parcelcompare has scammed people and should be avoided.

Business like:

  • FedEx
  • DPD
  • UPS
  • EVRi
  • DHL
  • Parcelforce
  • TNT

Need to stop using, promoting or advertising parcelcompare and allowing them to reach customers whom they end up scamming. It creates bad reviews for their business.

Delivery companies should stop adding as part of good delivery companies because by extension they will be seen as scam companies. has scammed a lot of people and this is how bad the situation is. People who are not aware of how bad it is to use this company end up falling prey to them.

We reached out to Parcelcompare about how they scammed us, and before we contacted our bank, they blocked us on Twitter.

Our bank looked at the reviews on Google and Trustpilot and on the strength of that evidence alone deemed that the unauthorised transaction – Parcelcompare stealing funds from us – was fraud and refunded our money.

The fact that Parcelcompare dismissed our complaint and blocked us demonstrates the scammers mentality.

Share this article to avoid more people from being scammed.

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