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People are beginning to hate Tesla Inc when will TSLA stock crash?

People are beginning to hate Tesla Inc when will TSLA stock crash?

It’s clear that people are beginning to hate Tesla Inc so when will TSLA stock crash?

I’ve noticed a myriad of videos on Facebook hating Tesla cars. Some of the reasons relate to gas/petrol heads v electric powered vehicles. But there are many other reasons people are beginning to hate Tesla.

Let’s explore some of the issues why people are beginning to hate Tesla cars and could this lead to TSLA stock crashing.

Tesla use child labour

Tesla need materials to build batteries. These raw materials rely on child labour. And people who do not want their money to go on the exploitation of children avoid buying Tesla cars.

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It’s noteworthy that the Liberal left global warming globalist overlook the slave trade that Tesla Inc fund. When views change and more people begin to learn of the suffering child labour causes those Tesla drivers will avoid buying Tesla in the future.

Tesla cars catch fire

Another reason why people hate Tesla cars is because when they catch fire they catch fire proper; meaning the fire spreads really fast and the gases the fire lets off is very toxic and causes long term harm. That is if you manage to exit an on fire Tesla car alive.

Tesla cars cause radiation to drivers and passengers

When people drive Tesla cars they are being exposed to high levels of radiation. The affects of which is seen in the behaviour of Tesla drivers. Tesla drivers can’t make up their minds what lane they want to drive in. They keep changing lanes and don’t notice other vehicles on the road.

Also Tesla drivers speed up to fast and unnecessary higher speeds when they don’t need to and drive too slow when they shouldn’t thus causing accidents. These are the affects of radiation on the body and minds of Tesla drivers. The high levels of radiation is causing serious side effects.

If you’re a passenger in a Tesla car you will be exposed to high levels of radiation too. But the Tesla drivers who spend the longest in Tesla cars are going to suffer the worst effects in the long term.

The Tesla radiation issues will lead to a lot of law suits that will likely cripple Tesla by 2035.

Tesla sales has reached the peak

People are dumping Tesla cars and opting for hybrid or gas/petrol cars. Gas and petrol cars these days use less fuel and gain more miles, and omit cleaner carbon because of the clever filters. When oil is extracted a lot of gas is produced by force and thus that gas needs to be used.

People are beginning to hate the effects of Tesla on the environment since the invisible radiation remains in the air and people walking in streets are effected. There’s a huge coverup about just how much radiation is omitted in the atmosphere.

People are beginning to hate Tesla Inc so the  TSLA stock is likely to crash because it’s struggling to climb higher.

If the Tesla stock crashed big time it’s unlikely that it would recover.

How low could the Tesla stock price crash to?

In my opinion the Tesla stock price could crash to $30 and stay within that range for 10 years or longer.

Tesla is all about profits over safety

Tesla Inc care more about profits than people’s safety. The whole company is designed to portray Tesla cars as being friendly to people and the environment however the reality is that Tesla profits are made because people and children suffer.

EV competition

Tesla is not immune from EV competition and there are a lot more car manufacturers who are building better, cleaner and safter cars than Tesla cars.

Tesla tech is centralised and exposed to hackers

Tesla cars onboard computers and recharge stations, mapping and all updates are centralised. This means that hackers could bring down the whole Tesla network leaving all drivers stranded.

Production of Tesla batteries v gas/petrol run engines

The damage caused on the environment as well as child labour building Tesla cars far outweighs the cardon caused by gas/petrol powered vehicles. The use of Tesla cars is omitting all kinds of horrible pollutants and toxic waste into the environment.

People are beginning to hate Tesla Inc so should you invest in TSLA stock?

Judging by the Facebook videos, articles and considering the facts I would be wary about investing in Tesla. I think we’ve seen peak Tesla and judging my the TSLA stock price chart it seems as though the Tesla stock is gearing up for a massive crash.

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