Post-Crash LUNC Price Action Update: Best time to buy LUNC?

Post-Crash LUNC Price Action Update: Best time to buy LUNC?
Time to ride the LUNC wave?

Post-Crash LUNC Price Action Update: Best time to buy LUNC?

TabStocks Technical Analysis of LUNC Price Action 25th-26th September 2022

I am not going to look at pre-crash price action in this update. But I have nevertheless taken aspect of it into account.

This update considers the technical analysis of the LUNC price action on 25th September 2022, moving into the 26th of September and beyond.

Around 1 Month ago from the time of writing, the LUNC price support level was $0.0001400.

This price was left behind when the LUNC price moved north and exceeded $0.0005500.

The next three levels of fall to rise of the LUNC price are interesting.

These are as following:

  1. from 55 the LUNC price fell to 37 and rose to 48;
  2. and the LUNC price fell to 28 and rose to 38;
  3. fell to 24 and rose to 32.

The average LUNC low price is about $0.0002900

And the average LUNC high price is about $0.0003900

The average between the low and high LUNC price is $0.0003400

At the time of writing the LUNC price is $0.0001900 to $0.0002000

When looking at the daily LUNC chart it is noteworthy that there has not been more than 7 red days in-a-row.

As of the end 25th September 2022 GMT we are at 6 red days in-a-row. (20th September 2022 LUNC price action can be regarded as trading sideways)

If the trend does not exceed 7, then we can expect the price of LUNC to stabilise or rise sharply on the 26th or 27th September 2022.

Cryptos are still in a bear market, and over this past weekend many of them have suffered red days.

Looking ahead into the near future it is difficult to predict what kind of pattern might form for LUNC.

But given the above, it is clear to me that if I am correct and the LUNC price begins to rise, I would expect some sharp moves north.

Within 6 to 9 days the LUNC price action could see the price of LUNC push to post-crash records highs. I would think the price of LUNC could rise above $0.0006000

Although LUNC if top heavy with almost 7 trillion tokens, the burning is taking place and LUNC still has a huge following.

Overtime, looking to around the end of the year 2022, I would expect to see the price of LUNC trading within at least a x3 of its recent 55 highs, thus around $0.00165.

There has been some panic selling of LUNC yet at the same time – despite what is going to turn out to be a slow LUNC token burn rate – the bulls have been buying more LUNC.

If the burn rate of LUNC increases as well as the amount of LUNC burnt, then x500 of the current LUNC price is not impossible.

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Cryptos are renowned for making big moves at early stages. Indeed, this is where most value and profits are to be made and seasoned crypto investors know this all too well.

Best time to buy LUNC?

Only if you believe LUNC has a long-term brighter future.

If you do and it works out, then there is a tonne of money to be made from investing in this cryptocurrency. That is if you can wait it out and ride those crazy wild price action waves.

Considering LUNC is trading -14 cheaper than its true average and given the above information, I think even short-term traders and investors will be jumping into LUNC.

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