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Should I buy shares in the NVIDIA $NVDA stock?

Should I buy shares in the NVIDIA $NVDA stock?

Should I buy shares in the NVIDIA $NVDA stock?

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NVIDIA is a technology company in the gaming and business computer technology space. It designs graphics processing units and systems on chip units.

It supplies the gaming industry and various business industries. NVIDIA also focuses on developing laptops and virtual workstations.

NVIDIA Recent News 

NVIDIA was hit by a major cyberattack recently. Around the same time as the start of the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

There has been speculation that Russian hackers had done it. However to date there is no evidence of this.

Current Position of NVIDIA

NVIDIA had planned to acquire Arm ltd a UK based semiconductor and software design company.

A deal which would have been worth around $66B but the takeover deal did not go through.

Apple $AAPL has a bad relationship with NVIDIA because the latter is trying to take Apple’s market share by trying to outsmart Apple with faster operating systems.

NVDA Stock Price Chart

At the time of writing (01 March 2022) NVDA was trading around the $240 range.

The NVIDIA stock saw share price highs back in November 2021 at around $340, but has since retraced its stock price action and is looking for direction.

In my view, the chart tells me this stock is heading for the $150 range within the next 12 months.

I would expect a short-selling attack to mount on $NVDA over the course of the following few months.

If I’m really pessimistic and things turn ugly we could be looking at a $100 share price within the same timeframe.

It’s a very top heavy share price and most of NVIDIA’s share price growth has occurred within the last 2 years; within the $GME stock price pumping days.

NVIDIA Sentiment

Investors have mixed views. Some are nervous that the NVIDIA share price could crash due to unexpected issues.

The cyber-attack caused panic among NVIDIA private investors. There’s a lot of hype connected to this company.

What worries me is that I believe the share price is overinflated and a bursting of that bubble could occur at any time. The NVIDIA stock is highly volatile.

NVIDIA Profits

Profits are rising, however it’s not clear if NVIDIA can sustain the growth given that the end of lockdowns means less reliant on work-home equipment.

Though in many business industries the end of lockdowns has not resulted in a 5 day a week back to work in the office set up.

For the foreseeable future at least, should this split of working from home or on the move as well as the office continue then profits should increase and this should be good news for NVIDIA.

Future of NVIDIA

NVIDIA is planning to launch its Data Center (which is a Server) aka ‘NVIDIA Grace’ in 2023.

NVIDIA is strong in the mobile computing space. I expect strong sales to continue in smartphones and tablets.

The company also operates in developing vehicle navigation and entertainment systems.

NVIDIA has acquired a number of companies over the years and this worries me.

If NVIDIA fails to advance its chip capacity and deal with issues that corrupt processing ability then it could have set itself up to fail.

It may then rely in external supplies of chips and where it fails to secure these the markets NVIDIA supplies could look elsewhere.

Notwithstanding that there are new technologies advancing and what seems cutting edge today will be a dinosaur tomorrow.

The future is cloud tech and this is I believe what NVIDIA are missing out on. Thus the future of tech could overtake NVIDIA rendering it obsolete.

Though it is involved in the cloud space, it is to a lesser degree and NVIDIA is in my view split between trying to jump on an up wave while being dragged down in the tide of hardware malfunctions and processing deficiencies.

I do not see the company gaining any new and/or advanced technologies from the far east merely because most of which has been copied from the west in the first place.

If NVIDIA wants to stay current and up to date, it needs to be looking for new versions of digital advances in processing computing.

I don’t hold any long or short positions on this stock. I’m merely analysing this stock based on all what is known to me.

You may share a completely different view and that’s fine, but what I see here is another Amstrad. I wouldn’t put all of my eggs in the NVIDIA basket if I were you.

I could understand some might think of me as being a basket case given I have no investment in NVIDIA.

And I can only add that in my humble opinion NVDA is a risky investment at this stage. I think the clever money has started to pull out.

Overall verdict on NVIDIA

Well, clearly I’m not an optimist at this current time. I do not believe the company is keeping its eye on the ball.

I feel NVIDIA is bogged down with all the companies it has acquired – off loading outdated tech and workforce will be a challenging time for NVIDIA if it aims to survive the next 5 years.

For me, at this stage, NVDA is not an investment decision I am willing to get involved in.

Sure for some they have made their money from the hype surrounding the growth, and to a lesser degree – I’d argue – developments the company has realised.

But there is competition from clever tech engineers that is emerging fast.

And this competition may not want to be associated with NVIDIA.

Should I buy shares in the NVIDIA $NVDA stock?

On the other hand, if NVIDIA can demonstrate advances in the AI world within the cloud space and in supercomputing then I might argue it’s worth taking a long term position in NVDA.

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