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Should I Buy Zion Oil and Gas ZNOG Stock Right Now?

Should I Buy Zion Oil and Gas ZNOG Stock Right Now?

Is this a good time to buy shares in Zion Oil and Gas ZNOG Stock?

Zion Oil and Gas $ZNOG could just turn out to be the perfect MONEY MAKING storm. Maybe now is the right time to buy Zion Oil and Gas before the price skyrockets.

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Zion oil and gas is in the process of testing its MJ-02 well in Israel. This OTC stock could turn out to surprise many.

There are two elements on my mind which, if occur at the right time, around the same time, could see this little gem of a stock jump 2,000% (if not more).

The first aspect is the oil and gas testing news

If a good deal of oil and/or gas has been discovered for real, and Zion Oil and Gas begin to release positive press releases to this affect, we are thus likely to see the share price begin to make some big moves.

The second aspect concerns the pump and dump merchants;

such as Timothy Sykes who played a role in pumping and then dumping the Zion Oil and Gas stock around December 2020 when the price rose from 13 cents to around $1.74.

He had it pumped again in December 2021 when the price rose into the mid to high 30s (cents).

If Tim with all his followers once again turn their buying attention to Zion Oil and Gas $ZNOG, then this could cause the price to go ballistic.

Therefore a would be 2,000% say around $2 share price (based on news from Zion) could be more like $4+ And we know he most likely has his eye on Zion Oil and Gas.

Tim looks for stocks that have a big following, where the stock price is about to rise anyway because news is due from the company, and stocks where volatility is high.

He also looks at factors such as sentiment and of course this may change based on results from the company.

Tim and other pump and dump specialists aim at jumping in at the right time, so that they can secure big profits as they sell into the price rise.

This is not to say that all the pump and dumpers, dump the lot, they probably sell 70% and hold onto lots of free shares, just in case the share price continues to rise overtime.

If good news does come from the Zion Oil and Gas in relation to its MJ-02 well, it’s likely to be a series of good updates.

Therefore the share price is not only likely to rise, but remain at a high price range, in anticipation of better news, leaning towards oil production news.

Should I Buy Zion Oil and Gas ZNOG Stock Right Now?

Well, the share price is rising right now, trading in the 14 cents to 17 cents range after seeing lows of 10 cents.

Okay the price of Brent crude has skyrocketed, but Zion Oil and Gas is not currently an oil producer and is an OTC stock. Therefore, I really do not believe the price of oil is a reason why the Zion Oil and Gas share price seems to have begun to recover.

The real reason is more likely that as time goes on, good news is anticipated as a result of the testing Zion Oil and Gas are undertaking.

17 cents is still a fair buying entry price given how high the stock price could rise if the good news begins to materialise and a buying frenzy follows.

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