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Should You Buy Shares in $MRVL Stock?

Should You Buy Shares in $MRVL Stock?

Should You Buy Shares in $MRVL Stock?

Marvell Technology Profound Research And Evaluation

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Marvell Technology, Inc. Publicly traded on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. (NASDAQ: MRVL)

The Stock Sector

MRVL is a technology company based in Delaware, U.S, and co-headquartered in Santa Clara, California (operational) They run in a variety of industries including:-

  • Data processing Units;
  • Infrastructure processors;
  • Security Solutions;
  • Networking;
  • storage, and its core business;
  • Semiconductors- chip production.

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At the time of writing (March 2022) MRVL was founded 27 years ago by Sehat Sutardia, Weili Dai, and Pantas Sutardia.

MRVL carries a broad portfolio of subsidiaries including Radlan, Galileo technology, and Cavium to mention a few.

Recent News Relating to MRVL

Marvell has shown interesting developments of late. They announce their quarterly earnings results at the beginning of March 2022. MRVL saw a slight downturn after the release of the reports.

This was ironic considering it has outperformed the market expectation.

The overall market (S&P 500, Russel 2000, and NASDAQ composite indices) has been down due to the Ukraine crisis which is causing ripple effects around the globe.

MRVL has equally taken a hit due to this.

The strong financial results posted have caught the attention of many with speculations that good days lie ahead for MRVL.

Its earnings have risen over by 72% and sales rose by 68%. MRVL is looking to scale its activities to meet targets.

Current Position of MRVL

MVRL is acknowledged to be improving steadily compared to its past. It has faced terrible moments in its past and even faced the risk of being de-listed.

The new management led by CEO Matt Murphy are aggressively determined to establish MVRL as a titan in the industry. The stunning quarterly results were only an indicator of a better future.

Although revenue has exponentially increased, Net income is still down 62%, the Net profit margin is also down by now 77%, and Operating income is down 17.98%.

With doubling returns every year at its current pace, these worries could be eliminated in the next fiscal year.

Over the past year, Marvel has done remarkably and is issuing quarterly dividends which will be paid to shareholders come April.

Marvell (MVRL) has a debt-to-equity ratio of 0.29, a current ratio of 1.81, and a P.E ratio of -123.02. The market capitalization stands at $55.38 billion, showing the huge magnitude of MRVL.

Given it has a lot of room for improvement and still growing, the stats are fairly reasonable.

The price targets for Marvell (MVRL) are getting reduced by analysts after the release of the quarterly results.

$MRVL has not been shy on mergers and acquisitions, having purchased at least ten companies since the 2000s for tens of billions.

Marvell’s latest acquisition was;

  • Inphi, purchased for nearly $10 billion in 2021.
  • Aquantia (2019) and Cavium (2018) were also bought for $450 million and $6 billion respectively.

Marvell (MVRL) is trading at a yearly low and the stock has performed averagely.

Marvell’s growth through acquisitions has enabled it to remain financially healthy with little risk of bankruptcy.

The semiconductors industry is affected by prices in the commodities markets and the shock waves have been felt owing to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The global Semiconductor shortage has not been fully remediated. Predictions say that semiconductor production needs to continue over the next year to counteract the shortage.

Semiconductors are one of the bread-and-butter operating activities for Marvell (MVRL).

The application of semiconductors is unlimited in both consumer and enterprise utility.

The automobile industry offers one of the largest growth opportunities for both electric and internal combustion engine vehicles.

Both require many semiconductors for operation and Marvell (MVRL) will be looking to capture this market.

Marvell’s core business and arguably its lifeline is Data infrastructure and believes this is critical in the global economy today.

The connected world of the 21st century depends on the underlying data infrastructure. This keeps business running and information flowing.

Marvell (MVRL) is a disruptor in this space and uses semiconductors solutions to secure data for worldwide servers.

Marvell (MVRL) has worked with leading tech companies for over 25 years to move, process, and secure data.

Their operations are vital in the development of technologies like 5G in the telecommunications space.

MRVL has gone all-in in this business and this is proved by the fact that 85% of its operations are in this space with only 15% in consumer electronics.

Investors are still however spooked by Marvell (MVRL) due to losses recorded in its results.

Relative to other Metrics, it has done well, but investors are most attracted to consistent high-returning companies at this time due to geopolitical risk.

Russia and Ukraine which account for 33% of palladium production and 90% of Neon production respectively  – which are utilized in semiconductor chip production – will likely cause tremors in the market due to the ongoing war in the region.

Supply constraints that will be witnessed in the market will hurt semiconductor companies in the short-term as solutions are drafted to address it.

MRVL Stock Price Chart

MRVL is currently trading at $63.41 a share, -2.75% in the red as of the 4th of March 2022.











The day range for Marvell (MVRL) was about $62- $68 over the past weeks. The earnings per share were at $0.50 beating the estimates and last year’s EPS.

The volume of shares traded stood at 12.23 million.

The low closing price on Friday for Marvell (MVRL) is due to the invasion narrative scaring investors and massive selling witnessed when it was relatively up the previous day.

The majority of smart investors saw the decline in prices as a buying opportunity and will capitalize to get in on Marvell (MVRL).

Zacks’s consensus for Marvell (MVRL) estimate for the current year improved by 15.7% over the last 60 days.

The revenue for Marvell (MVRL) doubled over the past year and Marvell (MVRL) say this will continue over the next year.

Marvell (MVRL) is owned by both institutional and individual investors. While some have sold with the recent upsurge, some hold it as they believe it will withstand sheer volatility.

Marvell (MVRL) is currently at fair market value. It has risen significantly but not dramatically over the year.

In a statement by the CEO he said and I quote, “Revenue grew in all five of our end markets in the fourth quarter, with strong contributions from the cloud, 5G and auto which together represented 40% of total revenue”.

Sentiment for Marvell (MVRL)

The market has generally shown different perceptions. Many believe that Marvell (MVRL) is still undervalued and will likely see a meteoric hike in its share price.

Many will hold on to Marvell (MVRL) despite the conditions of the market as invasion fear narratives grab the attention of mainstream media.

The consensus is that Marvell (MVRL) is worth the wait and one should hold long-term

Profits for Marvell (MVRL)

Marvell (MVRL) is still not profitable due to several limitations. This is largely due to its focus on growth at the moment and establishing itself in the market.

All of its resources are directed towards the development and increasing its market share.

The net margin for Marvell (MVRL) was about -10.48% on quarterly earnings. The net profit margin was -77% over the past year.

Future of Marvell (MVRL)

Marvell (MVRL) has a strong customer base with solid demand for its services and products.

The CEO, Matt Murphy is determined on making sure they will scale great. Their latest acquisition, Inphi has rapid growth rates even surpassing Marvell (MVRL).

This is a good sign to consider. Institutional shareholders have lifted their positions maintaining an average stake in Marvell (MVRL).

Significant Institutional investors include British Columbia Investment Management and QAR capital management.

They both trust that Marvell (MVRL) is set to do well in the long-term.

Others believe that Marvell (MVRL) is set for buybacks, upgraded dividends, and a huge revenue beat.

Even though the semiconductor chip industries are down by 1%. Marvell can beat the market.

Analytics reveal that Marvell’s current trend price is Bearish. Marvell (MVRL) is interpreted to be trading below major moving averages.

This suggests that the stock is under pressure.

The pivot was at about 65.07 showing a downtrend in the stock. Volatility has increased in its trading.

Marvell (MVRL) has vowed to address supply constraints and scale its production activities.

Even though they will be impacted by sways in the global economy, they will emerge as a fierce disruptor in their niche.

Overall Verdict for Marvell (MVRL)

Marvell (MVRL) will soon face a lot of boom and busts cycles like any other developer in the space. It has to maintain strong financials and fundamentals to ultimately attain profitability.

MRVL is a buy and hold. The data and chip development market will be confident to make it through the toughest of times. Marvell (MVRL) will come out victorious on the other side.

Crashes can come Marvell’s way as they strive to stand. Timing this downtrend is inherently difficult and short-selling can be tricky when it comes to working out when and if Marvell (MVRL) will fall.

Those who stand to win are the visionaries who can see past the market gimmicks and realize the significance that Marvell (MVRL) will play in the future.

With the present impediments of tight monetary policy hence and a war at hand, Marvell (MVRL) should be one good hedge to store value.

$MRVL is likely to rebound from a crash and build even stronger to achieve its mission of becoming an essential part of everyday life.

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