Terra LUNA 2022 Price prediction and why Amazon and FB Meta could buy LUNA

Terra LUNA 2022 Price prediction and why Amazon and FB Meta could buy LUNA
LUNA investors are hoping for lift off!

Terra LUNA 2022 Price prediction and why Amazon and FB Meta could buy LUNA

Facebook and the Metaverse

Like the LUNA the Metaverse is based on perception and participation. If investors take up the challenge to make LUNA Great Again, the buying frenzy will only increase.

Facebook as a platform needs to stay in tune with crypto market activities if its newly launched Metaverse idea is to succeed.

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The recent LUNA crash eclipsed most of the cryptos big crashes of recent times. But if lessons have been learned, then LUNA will have what it takes to shine brighter.

Meta can take full advantage of the massively low LUNA price by buying tonnes of the coins.

The Facebook community is vast and if Meta seeks to take advantage of its database, LUNA coins is an investment the Meta brand could capitalise on in years to come.

There is little point in reinventing the wheel only to make the same mistakes if for instance Meta were to launch its own coins.

Meta could simply buy a big chunk of the supply and hoard those LUNA coins for the future.

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Amazon and it’s expanding crypto sales

It could be the case that the likes of Amazon sees an opportunity to invest in LUNA too.

If Amazon sees the moonlight at the end of the tunnel then LUNA holders could be in for a surprise.

LUNA is big in the Far East and across the world.

Amazon could take advantage of the fame LUNA has already gained since its introduction onto the crypto market in 2018.

With digital payments on the increase, LUNA could be a fitting tool in Amazon’s arsenal of keeping its global customer base happy. Moreover as it furthers its expansion aims.

Terra LUNA 2022 Price Prediction

There could be other players waiting in the wings too.

Once LUNA is fixed and rolling once again, we could see some big companies taking large slices of this LUNA cake.

I am confident the price of LUNA could reach $5 in 2022.

In fact from now, at the time of writing 23 May 2022, I believe the price of LUNA could reach $5 within 60 days.

If it does, I’m certain the moon is the limit in 2022. All bets are off as to how high the price of LUNA tokens could reach by the end of 2023.

Crypto is currently trending in a bear market. A reversal of this will also help lift the price of LUNA.

One of the other big crypto players is Elon Musk. I’m pretty sure he has set is eyes and creative mind on investing in LUNA.

Musk is no stranger to failure and near failure. But he is a fix it kind of a man and he will be watching Terra LUNA closely.

Recent LUNA Price Action

The price of LUNA tokens fell from crazy highs of around $120 to crazy lows of around $0.0002.

At the time of writing the price of LUNA has risen to around 0.00018 from average lows of 0.00010.

Only fear and uncertainty or maybe a mix of both will hold back investors.

And time will tell if the fix, Terra LUNA; Terraform Labs are making will see LUNA bounce back.

LUNA could evolve into being a great investment.

Buying the crash of a chart that could rise again is the best way to make money.

If LUNA shines brightly in full glow then your gamble may serve you well. Only time will tell.

But at these crazy low prices, LUNA is a bet most crypto investors cannot ignore.

The LUNA-dollar relationship that destroyed the LUNA price could be the thing that makes the price sore to new highs; just like bitcoin did when more investors saw the true value in bitcoin.

The rise in interest rates and inflation rises not only affected LUNA, but many other crypto assets lost value.

Moving away from the dollar and existing independently (as a crypto-blockchain should be) then gives the cryptocurrency its true value.

The digital-dollar will emerge in time, but this will be tarnished by trillions of dollars of debt. And this US digital move will further place strain on the value of the dollar.

The digital-dollar is what will send bitcoin rocketing to the moon and beyond and most of all the other independent cryptos along with it.

It’s clear that panic selling of LUNA tokens caused the collapse in the price.

But this was in part due to other crypto leaders bashing LUNA and manipulating the price of LUNA.

Pre LUNA rocket to the moon!

To make the LUNA rocket take off once again, the people behind LUNA are building the Terra 2.0 network.

The Terra blockchain will be forked into a new chain which excludes algorithmic stable coins.

It is believed that the LUNA Foundation Guard spent much of its BTC reserves to steady Terra (UST).

This means that Terra LUNA has not been abandoned. And investors should not be put off because the LUNA price is very low.

Just view it as a re-start or a new beginning.

If LUNA lifts off once again, then there should be no stopping it. It could even become the new bitcoin in price action performance.

The LUNA price could be moving north pretty fast by next week (27 May 2022) And at the beginning of June 2022.

The best way to play this LUNA crypto is to buy low and hold for higher. Diamond hands is key!

Will the company burn LUNC?; is LUNC being burned?; LUNC token burn, when will it happen? These to answer to these questions will only become certain when the company makes moves to burn LUNC.

You can follow the LUNC chart on eToro; just search eToro LUNC; and eToro LUNA to compare prices; LUNC is on eToro.

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