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This Future Growth Stock Could be the Next Amazon or Apple…-amazon-or-apple/

This Future Growth Stock Could be the Next Amazon or Apple

Apple and Amazon are two of the most well-known names in business, as they are currently the top 1 and top 4 companies in terms of market capitalization in the United States.

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Here are a few stocks that have the potential to be the “next Apple or Amazon” in terms of rising to prominence in their industries and delivering investors with excellent long-term profits.

Below we write about one of these stocks.

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP) $SHOP

Without relying on big marketplaces, Shopify’s e-commerce features allow businesses to;

  • build their digital stores;
  • handle payments;
  • deliver orders;
  • and run their advertising strategies.

Shopify’s decentralized structure has allowed it to beat Amazon in recent years.

Over the last five years, Shopify’s stock has increased by 4,460 percent, while Amazon’s stock has increased by nearly 400 percent.

What may happen in the next five or ten years?

If Amazon’s income grows at a 25 percent yearly rate in the upcoming five years, it will have $1.18 trillion in annual sales in fiscal 2025.

In fiscal 2030, if revenue growth slows to 20% over the next five years, the company could generate $2.93 trillion in yearly revenue.

If Shopify can produce $12 billion in yearly revenue by 2025, it will have grown at a 32.6 percent compound annual growth rate.

It may produce roughly $50 billion in sales in 2030 if it continues its current growth pace over the next five years.

That also appears to be a viable growth path for Shopify, especially as global internet and e-commerce penetration rates climb.

In the coming years,

Shopify may make less revenue than Amazon, but that doesn’t make it a bad stock.

It has allowed people to sell in different countries. For the coming years, Shopify might still outperform Amazon in terms of sales growth, and surpassing the $1 trillion barriers over the next decade would be a stunning achievement for a company that was formed in 2006.

Shopify Balance is a digital banking platform for businesses has also been introduced.

The company is a major participant in e-commerce, and it appears that it will continue to expand at a quick pace.

You can read our stock picks for free

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