Today Ukraine Tomorrow Europe—Putin’s Plan?

Today Ukraine Tomorrow Europe—Putin’s Plan?

In power for years to come, and with big plans to fulfil, is the ultimate plan of Russian president Putin the invasion of most, if not the whole of Europe?

You might think this idea mad, and you’d be justified in your thinking 10 years ago. But today as I write this article, in February 2022, we are living in a different world.

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Mad man or master strategist who doesn’t want Russia to be controlled by the new world order cabal?

Or maybe a bit of both. Since Russia did involve itself in the vaccine rollout which is said by some to be part of the new world order’s plans to control populations.

Let’s analyse the current situation

The narrative is that Russia under the leadership of Vladimir Putin feels threatened by NATO expansion.

Since the breakup of the former USSR, countries on the eastern edge of Europe, and beyond, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine. NATO placing weapons in some former USSR countries that boarder Russia.

This is alarming for Russia;

because missiles do not have to travel far to reach major Russian cities.

NATO have troops and offensive and defensive weapons based in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Ukraine was close to succeeding having NATO situated on its lands. However it closer ties with the EU did not materialise and Putin took the opportunity to Annex Crimea in 2014 when the U.S. and it allies were distracted in Syria after ISIS were expanding since the start of the Syrian civil war which began in 2011.

Now there are parts of Ukraine in the east that are mostly Russian speaking people and who have more ties to Russia than they do to Ukraine.

However, the citizens are nevertheless Ukrainians and Ukraine is an independent country since 1991.

Putin’s plan is to invade chunks of the Ukraine;

winning small battles, with his ultimate objective is to take over the whole of Ukraine. Putin wants to re-establish the USSR and fight to regain former USSR states.

The west protest, but Russia supply lots of gas to Europe and plans to supply more. Germany did not get involved when Russia was building up troops, tanks, weapons etc on the boarders with Ukraine from the black sea to Belarus.

But Germany has now stated it will freeze the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

This will not bother Putin. It will harm the Russian economy in the short term. But Russia can sell gas to China and Europe needs the gas and now has a problem to get the supply.

Russia could turn off the gas to Europe;

it already supplies and this could cause oil and gas prices to skyrocket out of control.

The U.S. is a long way from Europe to supply gas would be impractical. One option to provide gas to Europe is gas from Israel. In fact Israel has massive reserves of gas and wishes to provide gas to Europe.

Indeed plans are underway to build a pipeline into Europe. No doubt Russia will at some point want to invade Israel in order to strengthen its position.

If Russia can deprive Europe, the west of gas;

and starve it, given global warming is damaging crop produce in the U.S. then Russia will gain the upper hand because it is a major food supplier. The price of grain will also skyrocket.

In the end, the west will be begging for supplies and will have to pay through the nose for it.

Putin’s plan is to suffer through the sanctions in the short term, because the long term rewards are complete control over all former USSR states, those now independent countries.

Putin believes will be the first to move closer to Russia and abandon the EU, then they will see that being part of Russia is more fruitful.

Notwithstanding that in all former USSR countries, there are large parts of those countries with Russian speaking people, who have close ties to Russia.

If Putin can break up these countries without military force, but by using food and energy, then through politics and hyper inflation in the west, Putin believes he will gain all former USSR states.

The west is talking the talk, about trying to freeze Russian money (dirty money) in London, the UK, and throughout the west. and in banks and investments etc.

But in reality, the money is hidden in company names, trust funds and offshore investments.

Yet it is those in the west who look after that money who profit from it.

It’s the same with real estate, most of the properties are not registered in the names of the Russian officials the west plans to target as part of its sanctions against Russia.

The UK imposes sanctions on 5 Russian banks. And states this is the beginning of the planned sanctions.

Putin is not going to be bothered about this, since most of the Russian money is not in Russian banks that operate in the west.

There is talk of banning Russia from Swift;

but this will more hurt the west than it will Russia. The bottom line is that the west needs Russian money, Russian investment than Russia needs the west to invest in or to do business with.

Yes the new gas pipeline being suspended by Germany will hurt Russia, but only in the short term. And clearly the west, UK and U.S. have placed pressure on Germany.

Since clearly this was not the intentions of Germany which will hurt it and its workforce in the gas, energy industry and its economy.

If Russia can smash the German economy;

it can ultimately blackmail it by holding back gas and food. This then will break up the European Union.

Because the EU is Germany and France, and that is it, the rest of the EU states are more or less bankrupt and are weaker countries under the EU umbrella.

Most of the wealth has been moved toward China. Therefore the west’s talk of sanctions will not avert Putin from his plans to conquer former USSR states and indeed ultimately Europe.

In the west, we hear the wannabee Winston Churchill, Boris Johnson talking tough, but there is not much the UK, a NATO member can do to stop Russia from imposing her will upon the eastern Europe.

Of course, this situation is;

a great distraction for Johnson who is being investigated by the metropolitan police for allegedly violating covid-19 lockdown rules, attending parties in Downing  street.

Putin has secured his power hold over Russia until he is 83 years of age. Putin is 69 now, so if he ramps up the military and turns off the gas and food supply, his plans could succeed somewhat. A lot can change in 13/14 years.

Russian money is fully invested in global stock markets;

in other names, including company names that no one can identify who is behind those accounts.

The west is afraid that if Russia pulled its money out of stock markets including U.S. stock markets, that those stock markets would crash given there are tens of 100s of billions of dollars of investments.

Russia could cause China to also pull money from western stock markets. This then would crash the U.S. dollar that is already under heavy pressure from massive debt.

This then would cause the great reset. But the world would look very different and democracy would have been destroyed.

The west is afraid to confront Russia militarily;

and has pulled its troops out of Ukraine. Biden stated it is not safe for the U.S. military to be in the Ukraine in case of conflict that could lead to a world war, and nuclear situation.

If Russia takes control of the EU, it will control the nuclear weapons of France.

The UK’s nuclear weapons are subject to American control. Therefore Russia only needs to control France and supress the U.S. to be free of U.S. threat, given that the U.S. would be then unlikely to threaten a Russian controlled Europe.

If Putin feels backed into a corner;

he might come biting like a wild bear and madness could overtake him which could lead him to use nuclear weapons.

In my view, the west’s approach is wrong. They have not engaged with Russia in the right way.

They provoked Putin by not agreeing that it does not want to place NATO troops and weapons in the Ukraine, nor does it intend to even if the Ukraine became closer to the EU.

And the western parts of the Ukraine politics have aggravated Putin by playing the NATO card, even though the EU has more or less rejected Ukraine into its fold.

Good for UK and U.S. arms sales, when both supplied so called defensive weapons to the Ukraine, such as anti-tank weapons.

However this move aggravated Putin further

Russia under Putin will take this out on Ukraine and could punish the west by turning off the gas supply.

Russia’s geo-political power is more powerful in the long term over western sanctions.

Maybe the wisest move investors can make in uncertain times is to buy gold and silver and other precious metals.

Read more on gold and silver investments. You can bet your bottom dollar, Russia and China are heavily invested in gold and silver

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