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Trading & Investing – Stocks & Markets Updates

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10 Feb 2022

NASDAQ 100 falls by 2.2% due to highest inflation since 1982.

Castor Maritime Inc $CTRM is flying. Could the Reddit community of investors take CTRM to the moon? See our CTRM article 26 Jan 2022, before the recent price rises.

09 Feb 2022

$NIO rose +6%. $XPEV rose +8%, $RIVN rose +6% and $LCID rose +5%

The German 40 rose by 1.2% due to automakers stocks rising.

$CTRM Castor Maritime Inc was up over 12% today on the NASDAQ. Due to £52.3 Million Net Income for the year ending 31 December 2021.

Enphase Energy $ENPH rose by 12% after better than expected earnings.

08 Feb 2022

Pfizer $PFE drops 6% due to missed revenue and because it is unclear how good or bad sales numbers will be moving forward.

$BP reported its 2021 profits are $12.8bn (£9.5bn). And in the final quarter it made about $4bn because oil and gas prices rose a lot following the end of lockdowns in most countries. Read about Oil Production 

07 Feb 2022

Shares in Alibaba $BABA fell -6%

The following stocks are down, the current share prices offer good entry points, if you believe these stocks have a future and will do better in the long run.


04 Feb 2022

Earnings data pushed $SNAP +42%, $FORD was down -10% and $AMZN was up +9%

NASDAQ 100 fell 2% on nonfarm payrolls data.

The Price of Crude Oil has reached $92 a barrel, this is a 7-year high. You can read some of TabStocks content on oil production.

03 Feb 2022

Natural gas price is up by 11%, occurs as freezing temperatures settle in the US.

Meta $FB stock is getting bashed down today. It’s 25% down due to missed earnings and gloomy outlooks. $SPOT is down 17%, $SNAP down 19%.

31 Jan 2022

Spotify $SPOT rose 8% due to analyst optimism despite controversy concerns.

$NIO rose 10%, $NFLX was up 8% and $NVDA was up 5%. Overall good day for these growth stocks.

Tesco $TSCO announced they intend to close all of their Jack stores. These stores were an experiment, meant to test how they would compete with Lidl and Aldi supermarkets.

Tesco also said they will close some 317 meat and/or hot food departments within stores. They said this move would not lead to job losses. Their actions are post pandemic demand changes. TSCO share price was down 2.11% at £2.97. This time last year 2021 their share price was £3.10.

Looking at Tesco’s 5 year chart it appears they are due for a crash correction. However since 2013 it’s clear the share price is on the up and up despite corrections. In my view a £4 target is fair.

30 Jan 2022

The following four (4) stocks are ones to watch since they are heavily traded. They are also in strong sectors, and share price rises are expected.

BP $BP / Vodafone $VOD / Rio Tinto $RIO / HSBC $HSBA : some of which I believe should make massive gains over the next 12 months. Especially, VOD, BP and RIO, moreover the first two.

28 Jan 2022

$HOOD Robinhood had fallen today as much as 6% following its earnings estimates falling short. It has since recovered much of todays losses, (currently $11.33) though price remain unstable given the price has been falling since 06 Aug 2022.

$GME GameStop Corp seems to be going through a slow crash. Are the Reddit pumpers pulling out? Have they had enough of this game? Will Wall Street clean up on the big Short all the way down to where this all began?

In the UK, the Citizens Advise Bureau (CAB) report that on average two post offices are closing every week.

Therefore, I believe those customers, especially pensioners who are holding post office accounts will need bank accounts. This is good for Metro Bank, $MTRO who have been aggressive in opening up more branches.

$EZJ easy Jet Plc, believe demand for air travel will increase by 2023. And this summer should see a spike in airline bookings. easy Jet reported 805 million for Q1. Share price was down around 1.29% at the open.

$WIZZ Wizz Air Holdings PLC also believe their profits will increase due to an increase in air travel starting this summer. Shares opened down around 1.24%.

$DOCS Dr Martens PLC, shares are down 9% in recent days due to a decline in sales. A big shareholder off loaded shares giving the boot to DOCS. Share price rose about 2% at the open.

27 Jan 2022

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$NFLX stock price jumps approx. 7% following Bill Ackman loading up on shares.

$TSLA stock price falls 8% because a supply-chain issue. Could this lead to further drops and develop into a crash overall for Tesla? It’s noteworthy that the competition is fierce in the electric vehicle market and other manufacturers are catching up and innovating. Could the game be up for the Tesla?


Dmg Blockchain Solutions Inc $DMGGF – OTCMKTS offers fair value at current $0.51. Any buy ins at lower lows is good for when all cryptos enter the next bull run. Those holding cash may consider loading up at this stage. Could be a nice long term hold for your penny stock portfolio.

Profits have increased for $PETS Pets at Home Group PLC 140m in part due to people buying more pets as a result of the Omicron covid. People have been working from home. $PETS is a steadily growing business that had survived through the coronavirus pandemic. Is this one to add to your portfolio?

26 Jan 2022

Brent oil has reached $90 for the first time since 2014 highs. Many oil related stocks and investments have also risen.

$MSFT Microsoft spike over 5% due to good cloud growth data.

$LOOP share price rose on $MSFT spike, though investors still looking for data from LoopUp re contracts and what this amounts to…

NASDAQ 100 jumps almost 4%, making a recovery from recent losses.

If Crypto is your thing, you can read all about cryptocurrency trading and investing here.

You can find our latest Updates here

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