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Why Have Investors Been Left Out Of The $LOOP?

Investors are screaming for news from $LOOP as the share price fell further during 24 January 2022 days trading. But LoopUp, the online phone communications company are not keeping them in the loop, thus there appears to be panic amongst the LOOP investor community.

The senior management are to blame LoopUp’s core private investors are saying. The company have over spent and killed the share price. I’ve got to be honest it’s not looking good at this current time.

I see no external reasons for the drop in share price other than what is going on within LOOP.

$ZOOM share price is flying thus it’s perplexing to investors why LoopUp stock is falling and has been for a few months. Investors are worried that the rollout of 5G and more WIFI coverage will further be a catalyst for the death of $LOOP.

Personally I see better interconnectivity as a plus for $LOOP but nervous investors see everything as a threat. When they are losing money. They are so angry their almost calling for the return of the gallows.

Investors are saying the senior management and operations management are lazy and only in it for themselves while destroying shareholder value. For example overpaying for Meeting Zone.

Many investors are actually openly calling the people behind LoopUp shameless, tech illiterate crooks. Needless to write that sentiment for $LOOP is at near rock bottom.

One investor believes LoopUp will lose contracts because of the way they manage business. We at don’t have an opinion on that since we don’t know enough about the company and what on earth is going on.

This situation doesn’t look at all good for potential customers and for LoopUp’s partners. On that note, LoopUp claim that have new contracts, but have not informed investors what this translates in to in terms of actual revenue. Management promised results, but have not delivered.

The questions in my mind are:

Is the tech fit for purpose? And if not,

Are these contracts phoney?

If the tech is good then why are there so few contracts?

Investors are beginning to believe the tech is outdated and thus the game is up for LoopUp which is why they are hiding and can’t release any good news. LoopUp wasn’t able to integrate the tech they bought properly thus this is a waste of money.

Microsoft’s Teams are growing in numbers, but this means nothing for Loop so it seems, Microsoft have all the cream of tech and a massive customer base and LOOP are using its relationship with the giant as part of its manipulative ways to draw private investor’s money in.

Certainly looking at recent trades there are no big buys for $LOOP. Thus this is a desperate situation for investors at LOOP who are sitting on massive losses while the CEOs/senior management profit from all this. Investors believe LoopUp are burning through money with their operating costs like there’s no tomorrow.

$LOOP was at £5 at one stage and as the price fell they raised money which killed the share price moreover the funds were wasted on Meeting Zone which investors believe is useless and that LoopUp full well knew this.

It’s difficult to know what is really going on without viewing regular RNS updates so I can’t comment. The share price is trading at around 15p. From £5 to 15p and a handful of customers (so they say) and outdated tech. LoopUp are in the stone age, investors are losing all hope and believe they have been played from the start.

The communications market is extremely competitive and the big players control most of it. LoopUp need to do something to turn around the company otherwise the share price could crash to zero, and they could run out of money on managing a sinking ship.

Certainly the way they are running the company is causing panic selling and they are not attracting new investors save for some pump and dump hopefuls.

Investors have been denied Q3 and Q4 updates and are afraid $LOOP could be in serious trouble and about to go into massive debt with a big loan given they overspent on useless tech and left the company short of cash, which they are burning through on operating costs.

The BOD need to be upfront about what is going on. Are they gaining contracts and if so how much are they worth? I guess it boils down to integrity – if they lack it, then they couldn’t give a toss about investors.

The directors are not buying LOOP shares, even at these cheap prices – maybe because they have had their money out of this stock and they know where it’s heading. Also investors are concerned that insiders have been dumping stock because they know all too well what the future of this stock will be.

In my view if this is going somewhere good then that good news should translate in the share price by the end of July, if the company still exists.

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