Why LUNA crypto coin could be the global digital currency of the future

Why LUNA crypto coin could be the global digital currency of the future

This TabStocks article looks at why LUNA crypto coin could be the global digital currency of the future

Countries are making moves to adopt or implement digital currencies. This is no secret. But what goes on behind political closed doors is.

The US with is digital-dollar plans, and the UK and other leading Western economies are all planning to get rig of paper money and physical coins.

This is part of the great reset as well as partly to avoid the spread of covid-19 and other related global pandemic infections that could be spread by touch.

Someone picks their nose and touches a ten dollar bill and spends that money; you get the picture, the virus spreads.

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Luna has had its ups and of course recent dramatic downs.

Although LUNA might be down currently, it is by no means out of the picture.

In fact, LUNA is the perfect currency that could act as a ‘barrier’ between the global blockchain of digital currencies.

In affect, a bit like a dam acts to prevent the flooding of an area.

So that not too many of the same digital coins enter into one country’s control.

You might argue that LUNA has failed because it was not regulated within the blockchain, having been pegged to the dollar.

Yes correct, this was part of LUNA’s downfall given that the dollar is subject to inflation and intertest rate rises.

Notwithstanding other crypto bosses set out to manipulate a LUNA crash.

But with a new stable LUNA, and the price being so low, there is enough supply to allow other digital currencies to, in affect peg to it and or be regulated through the LUNA network.

Currently there is no other digital crypto coin able to be put to such use.

Of all the more than 10,000+ crypto coins and tokens in circulation and more being released onto the market every day, only LUNA is the key to the future of crypto.

Bitcoin and Ethereum and other leading top ranking coins are over priced and restricted by a number of factors.

World governments can adopt and make use of LUNA because it is going to be given a new start.

The low price is an advantage for world governments to make use of.

Whereas with Bitcoin BTC and other high priced cryptocurrencies, the price and the supply numbers do not add up.

Moreover bitcoin and other top cryptos are mostly owned by fat cats, big greedy lucky chaps who are trying to fully control the world.

You know the likes of Elon and those who look like villains from a James Bond movie.

World banks connected to governments are finding ways to adopt blockchain technology for digital payments; without being subjected to the control of a few.

An independent semi-regulated blockchain for digital currency is the only way people will trust governments to control the supply of digital money.

In this respect the XLM stellar network crypto have the connections within the banking industry to make, not only XLM work, but also the LUNA coins.

The governments will need to establish the holding of most of the supply, but a special central banking blockchain can manage this share.

And XLM could be a part of this solution should LUNA be adopted by the world bank.

In this respect, the price of LUNA could sore once again and with most coins assigned to most countries, the remaining supply will run thin.

Therefore it is not beyond possibility that the price of LUNA could reach $100,000.

Moreover, the free flow of LUNA coins held on trading markets within the global blockchain will send LUNA to the moon where it belongs.

The dog coins do not do it, but the moon coins i.e. LUNA have a global appeal for many people.

So it back, relax and wait for LUNA rise once again.

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