Why the Canada-US Haulage Blockade Could Crash Stock Markets

Why the Canada-US Haulage Blockade Could Crash Stock Markets

Why the Canada-US Haulage Blockade Could Crash Stock Markets

You may have heard by now the news about anti-mandate covid-19 vaccination groups in Canada.

And these groups are spreading into the US and in other – mostly Western – countries. Whether you have or have not heard about the standoff situation you are likely too if they continue.

If they do continue I’m going to explain how such actions could crash global stock markets.

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Man-Made vs A Virus Pandemic Stock Market Crash

Regardless of whether you believe the COVID-19 pandemic that crashed stock markets globally;

  • began in a fish market;
  • escaped from a lab;
  • was farted out of a bat’s backside;
  • was a natural manifestation or some sinister globalist’s plot on humanity is really neither here nor there.

Global lockdowns and the interruption to businesses all across the world damaged global economies and placed countries in billions of dollars of debts.

The blockades taking place in Canada, the US and other countries occurring today as I write this article have the man-made potential of crashing stock markets once again.

The irony is most stock markets have only just about really recovered. Yes some have made all time highs and some are heading there, but if the truck blockades continue we are likely to see more stock market crashes.

Vehicle Manufacturing Suffering

$FORD and other motor vehicle manufacturers are losing hundreds of millions of US dollars per day. They can’t get the components needed to build the cars.

They have to pay workers’ salaries and they can’t meet car sales demand since orders will not be delivered on time.

Politics Meets Protestors’ Demands

The Canadian government is flexing its muscles wanting to ‘crush’ the blockade. But the determination of the protestors which include truck drivers themselves is strong.

They have trucks on bridges blocking traffic and trucks in the lines of traffic waiting to cross the bridges disabled so that even if the bridges are cleared it will be a nightmare for officials to get traffic moving.

Some trucks have had their tires slashed and truck recovery companies are reluctant to take on the jobs of moving the trucks because they support the truck drivers.

The Motivation Behind The Protests

People say that because the vaccines do not work, people have to take a booster vaccine or jab every 90 days or three months.

They say given they don’t work or only offer limited protection then what is the point of those vaccines. They also claim that the vaccines are an experiment on populations and people do not know what the long term affects might be.

It does seem odd that people would be forced to be vaccinated and that people will have to be jabbed every 3 months when the claim of governments in the first instance was to protect the elderly and vulnerable.

Most of the people who governments say have died of COVID-19 have been the elderly.

The bottom line is the protestors are hardliners, they are not going to take the vaccines and this is what is causing the standoff.

Government threats and conspiracies

Arrest people, giving them criminal records, stop them from travelling to other countries, place them on the terrorist’s list, cancel their driver’s licence, takeaway their children, issue them with $100,000 fines and up to 1 year in prison.

The protestors are attracting world-wide support given that there are millions of people in countries who do not want to take the COVID-19 vaccines.

Millions of people in Canada and in many countries do not believe the vaccines work. Therefore see no reason why they should be forced into taking vaccines.

Many people believe the nature of the vaccines involves conspiracies, ranging from;

  • China did it to get back at Trump’s trade war; to;
  • Bill Gates wants to kill off global populations; that he was involved in what goes into the vaccines and what they are made of will kill people; to;
  • conspiracies that say this is one step closer to the 666 mark of the beast; and that;
  • Gates is also behind the coming quantum digital dot tattoo they claim he has a patent on:  WO2020060606 people say it is the Mark of the Beast. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you have the Mark.

“16 He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, 17 and that no one may buy or sell except one who has [a]the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

The conspiracy theorists say that global leaders are in cahoots with the dark forces controlling this world or that they are at least aware of what is really going on.

But choose to play along with the agendas of the organisations such as the Gates funded world health organisation and those who meet at Davos, and the climate agenda.

It’s difficult to believe such conspiracy theories when you’re looking at the micro, but there as aspects of the bigger picture that make some sense, such as things seem too coordinated to be mere chaos acting out on a global scale.

The point is, people believe the government threats upon the protestors boil down to world leaders being part of a bigger force. It does seem extreme some of the threats being made by governments which would lead one to start to question motives.

On the one hand, governments want their respective economies to pick up and do well. On the other hand they destroyed those same economies during the lockdowns. And the matter at hand is the forced vaccines.

Man-Made Blockade Pandemic

If the man-made blockade pandemic spreads to other countries as it has in France for instance, as well as Canada and the US, then could this course stock markets to crash?

On top of this we are already seeing the price of oil skyrocketing and gas prices rising. Energy prices are set to rise even further due to ongoing tensions in the middle east and in Ukraine.

Iran is the big threat to the movement of oil in the middle east if it ramps up it’s desire to wipe Israel off the map and a full out war begins between Israel and Iran and Iran’s proxies that surround Israel.

If Russia invades Ukraine and the war turns into a gorilla war that lasts for many years, the price of grain is likely to rise given much grain is produced in Ukraine. This will in turn cause the cost of food prices to increase.

And then there are tensions with China and Taiwan, which could cause a processing chip supply problem for the West if China was to invade.


Well it’s easy to see how issues can escalate in varies countries that could lead to stock market crash, if not global stock market crashes, that might take a lot longer than it had taken for stock markets around the world to recover from the global lockdowns.

And there are many stocks still suffering as a result of those stock market crashes and the effects on world economies.

One must always remember too that stock markets are only really high now having recovered due to higher oil and gas prices due to demand and because online and tech sectors are doing well.

If wars cause the stop in oil production or the transportation of oil then coupled with blockades preventing industry from operating then things could escalate that could have a major bearing on global stock markets.

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