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Why these 4 stocks are on my investment radar in 2023

Why these 4 stocks are on my investment radar in 2023

There are 4 stocks I keep watching which are in my portfolio because they form an important part of my long term investment plan. Why these 4 stocks are on my radar in 2023 is as follows.

MKS Marks and Spencer Group Plc

MKS has had its fair share of up and downs over the years. At the moment the share price £1.62 is healthy and has risen and rising from the sub £1 share price seen in 2020 and in October 2022.

The business model is strong with food deliveries doing better than their clothing line. But a solid move to online clothing sales should see profits rise in the future.

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Marks and Spencer should do well by cutting stores that lose money due to the limited clothing range. And it should improve sales and the shopping experience by adding to its bigger stores as well as raking in profits online.

My long term target price for MKS shares in £5. And I expect to see this price within the next 3 years.

BOO Boohoo Group PLC

It has been a little bit hit and miss with BOO shares over the last 2 years. A scaring time for long term holders of the stock. Nonetheless BOO has a powerful business model and with increased designer clothes on its online shelves it should weather the storm.

Clothing returns have been an issue, but better management and with streamline depots the business model still works. Customers should play a part in its success and respect it has a brand that serves them.

BOO share price is 57p, a sad reflection from the days when the BOO share price was over £3, but its early days and investors who believe in its future no doubt would be buying more of this stock. In my view the BOO stock is way undervalued at the moment.

The BOO stock price is gaining flight and the online fashion retailer is well on its way to making it to £1 in my view. I can see this happening within 6 months. If it can get there then I see no reason why it should not tread on the old £3 share price ground once again.

Studying the BOO stock price chart one can see that an upwards trajectory is in motion and the BOO stock price could reach new highs over the coming years.

MTRO Metro Bank PLC

MTRO is one the those stocks that have been bashed down for so long that one of these days it may rocket to the moon.

The retail banking sector is a risky play to in your investment portfolio, but one needs to hedge bets with some financial related stocks. Of course insurance stocks are king, but with a growing branch base and increased financial services, Metro Bank is a key player in my stocks and shares portfolio.

It may take a few more years, but in the long run I believe investing in MTRO now will pay off.

MTRO reach over £1.50 in Feb and March 2023 and while subjected to the kicks and forces which drive down the FTSE, the stock seem like it is making steady progress to becoming on major player in the banking stock investment strategy for those who are buying shares in it.

GRAB Grab Holdings Ltd

It should grab your attention that this stock reached about $4 in Jan 2023. For much of the last 12 months the GRAB stock price traded just above $2. It had a massive fall since DEC 2020 when it was mostly $10.

If you look at the long term view you might see GRAB as a sleeping giant in the ride-hailing and delivery APP space.

GRAB’s profits are growing although so are their costs. But costs can and should be cut as it continues to grow and profits should increase further.

The Asia-Pacific region is an expanding market, and GRAB is set to dominate. If you take the long view then it is easy to see how the GRAB stock is a long term winner.

Listed on the NASDAQ, GRAB is a golden bean stork in the making in my view. That’s why I hold it in my stocks and shares investing portfolio.

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