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Why Zion Oil and Gas Could Become The New Bitcoin in Share Price

Why Zion Oil and Gas Could Become The New Bitcoin in Share Price

Why Zion Oil and Gas Could Become The New Bitcoin in Share Price

Zion Oil and Gas (ZNOG $ZNOG), a U.S. listed company on the OTC, exploring for oil and gas in Israel have been on radio silence for quite a while.

When will ZNOG release good news?

Investors and those interested in buying the dips as well as those thinking about buying Zion oil and gas shares are still waiting for news from Zion’s CEO.

No news at this time may not be a bad sign. Even though we have seen recent crude oil price highs – due to tensions on the edge of the European Union, between Putin’s Russia and the sovereign nation of Ukraine – Zion I sense maybe holding back some good news related to their oil testing endeavours.

I feel that we could see the first release of news in early April 2022, and I suspect – considering all what is known – that the news should be really promising.

Of course any good news from Zion oil and gas at this stage will reflect in the share price rocketing to new highs in 2022. And such a spike will likely smash those share price records reached in 2020/21.

ZNOG share price action

On the whole, over the last 3 years the Zion oil and gas share price has averaged out at around $0.20 cents. The share price had dropped from 20 cents to around 13 cents upon its transition from the NASDAQ (ZN) to the OTC (ZNOG) market.

And we have witnessed two or three pump and dumps, with the highest share price reaching around $1.74.

At this stage, it’s fair to assert that, without any positive signs of good news relating to oil encounter/s and/or oil reserves, or recoverable oil production numbers, that the share price has found it’s level, discounting the occasional pump and dumper’s activities.

The start of good news from Zion oil and gas, and with more good news that I believe will likely follow, should see a lift in the share price to record new highs beyond $2 in the short-term.

With a series of good news releases relating to its MJ-02 well in Israel, and future drilling activities on the back of production related positive signs, I would expect to see a $5 share price on the OTC market this stock is currently on.

If Zion oil and gas can deliver from a solely exploration company to a production oil and gas company this year, it’s fully conceivable that it could be back on the NASDAQ by 2023, if not the NYSE, if the numbers are biblical.

Is Zion oil and gas in bible prophecy?

On that note of faith, it’s noteworthy that the armies of the world gather on land and not on the sea.

Therefore, the issue of them presenting, to come to plunder goods will materialise in connection with oil and not gas.

Given that oil has more uses than gas, it’s easy to see why this makes more sense.

The point is, they gather in the same area where Zion oil and gas holds its licence, the Jezreel Valley (the Plain of Megiddo) in Israel.

If you translate this into reality, you have to conceive of a future time where in this area there will be many oil producing wells and the oil production of other countries has declined following peak oil.

How high could Zion’s share price rise to?

If Zion oil and gas will go on to drill many oil wells which they can produce oil from, clearly then, with a several hundred dollar crude oil price, if not over $1,000 (and maybe several thousands of dollars) in the future.

It’s easy to see how the Zion oil and gas share price could spike into the many hundreds of dollars per share. (if not $1,000+ per share).

Put simply, Zion oil and gas could be the new bitcoin in the world of stocks!

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