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Zion oil and gas and the Moskowitz connection: A big oil discovery?

Zion oil and gas and the Moskowitz connection: A big oil discovery?

This TabStocks article takes an in-depth look at the relevance of the Moskowitz connection and the likelihood of a big Zion oil discovery

It may have escaped your notice, but Zion oil and gas released some telling news on 11 May 2022.

In Zion’s Press Release regarding its Operational Update it appears that Jeff Moskowitz (Vice President and Managing Director in Israel) was sending a big message to investors.

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Zion oil and gas update referenced its #428 License in Israel.

Zion stated:

“Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. (OTCQX: ZNOG) files for a new exploration license in the Megiddo-Jezreel Valley on the same 99,000 area as the previous #401 license and the current #428 license.”

Pre commencement of testing its MJ-02 well, news of Zion’s intentions to drill a further well is a bold move. A move that should give confidence to Zion oil and gas investors.

Moskowitz stated on behalf of Zion oil and gas the following:

“This new exploration license application will further our current and future work plans in Israel”

It appears that the operations of Zion oil and gas have given them confidence enough to further their future plans. The use of the word ‘further’ tells me that oil has been discovered.

If oil, and a lot of it had not been discovered, the new permit Zion seeks to drill another well would likely not be granted.

For a new license to be granted to drill another well, to explore for oil – at this pre testing stage – must be based on sound information the Israeli Ministry of Energy are privy to.

Given the current climate of Israel going all green due to the climate change agenda, Zion must have hit the mother of all oil discoveries.

Of course since Israel’s new government stated they will not issue new onshore oil exploration or oil production permits, we later found out that this did not relate to existing license holders.

Nevertheless, under Israel’s petroleum law of further drilling, Zion oil and gas needs to show good evidence that it has discovered oil from MJ-02 for its chances of being granted a permit to drill another well.

Of course you might argue that testing had not began at the time of its Press Release on 11 May 2022.

And what with the war in Ukraine, the world is in a dire need for oil supplies.

We have seen the price of crude oil exceed $120 per barrel post lockdowns.

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Has Israel changed its tune regarding oil, moreover in light of top secret information only they and Zion oil and gas know about?

The Moskowitz Connection:

“All well-testing, completion, and stimulation equipment are at the Haifa port or on location in Israel for the next phase of Zion’s operations.”

Moskowitz stated.

Clearly there is something to stimulate and it appears that the coming testing operation is going to be huge. As Donald Trump would say, big, big, Huge!

Recent pictures from the well site shows some massive tanks and other equipment being set up on site.

As this is taking place, with the 2022 AGM next week, the Zion oil and gas ZNOG share price has reached 31 cents as of the time of writing; 02 June 2022.

There’s something really big brewing and everyone seems to be coming to the party.

Who is Moskowitz and does his connections hold the key to a massive black gold oil discovery?

‘Mr. Jeffrey Moskowitz is a certified attorney in Israel with over 30 years of experience primarily in the areas of corporate and commercial law.

Mr. Moskowitz served as an attorney and in-house legal counsel at Koor Industries, a major Israeli industrial concern.

For over ten years, Mr. Moskowitz has been providing Zion Oil & Gas legal advice regarding various aspects of operations in Israel.

Mr. Moskowitz has developed an expertise in all aspects relating to the Israel oil and gas industry, including helping to guide exploration companies such as Zion through the complexities of governmental permitting and regulatory issues.’


And there you have it. Moskowitz is Zion’s main man in Israel.

Moskowitz organises the complexities of governmental permitting and regulatory issues. Moskowitz is Zion’s Mr Fix it!

In other words, he is unlikely to tarnish his good standing in the business world (I’ll come on to that) and relationship with the Israeli govt if he full well knew Zion oil and gas did not have oil!

‘Mr. Moskowitz has extensive experience working with the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange that will serve as a very valuable asset in assisting with corporate strategy and implementation.

Since 2008, Mr. Moskowitz has also assisted Martin M. van Brauman, Zion’s Corporate Secretary/Treasurer/SVP, in establishing and maintaining the Bnei Joseph Foundation, an Israeli charity.’

So you see, not only does Moskowitz have important Israeli govt connections, he also has connections with the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Moskowitz and his connection to Koor Industries:

‘Once a socialist vision, now a model of capitalism, Koor Industries is Israel’s leading holding company.

Koor’s core businesses include its holdings in agrochemicals (Makhteshim-Agan), telecommunications equipment (Microwave Networks and Telrad Networks), and finance (a small stake in Credit Suisse).

The company’s venture capital arm has invested in telecom, semiconductor, and software companies.

Koor Industries also has operations in tourism, real estate, and trade. IDB Holding Corp. owns about three-quarters of Koor. The company was founded to provide employment for Jewish refugees during WWII.’


Note that KOOR have connections with Credit Suisse, and Koor has its own venture capital arm!

This means that when Zion oil and gas requires funding to ‘further’ its testing and drilling of another well, those in the know are likely to splash the cash; with the help of…you’ve guest it, the main man, Jeff Moskowitz.

If you were choosing footballers for your team, Moskowitz is Maradona, Pelé and Ronaldo all in one.

And there you have it, the Moskowitz Connection

Koor Industries Ltd:

‘Once the largest conglomerates in Israel, Koor is now a private company owned by DIC of Israel.

Koor Industries was one of the largest conglomerates in the middle east back in the 1990’s with holdings in Tech, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Finance, Tourism and more.

The company’s shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol KOR. Today it is a private company, wholly owned by Discount Investment Corporation of Israel’


KOOR are worth billions of dollars

Moskowitz is also well connected of course to the people involved in the 3D testing.

I believe the Moskowitz connection translates into some big oil and/or gas finds for Zion.

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I might be wrong, but given his bold statement regarding furthering Zion’s “current and future work plans in Israel”, I’m convinced the Zion oil and gas Press Release tells us more than what meets the eye.

And I’m minded of the fact that not too long before this Press Release, Mr John Brown did tell investors that we would see oil soon!

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