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Zion Oil and Gas: Oil by Christmas 2022?

Zion Oil and Gas: Oil by Christmas 2022?

Will we see oil by Christmas 2022 from the MJ-02 well on the Zion Oil and Gas site in Israel? TabStocks investigates.

The Christmas tree

A deep well requires a large Christmas tree.

And Zion Oil and Gas are setting up their site to engage in a prolonged oil testing process.

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This oil testing process has never before been attempted at these depths in Israel.

Zion Oil and Gas Zones of interest

Zion Oil and Gas has a number of zones of interest.

And given the testing equipment being set up on its site, Zion clearly expects to produce oil in great quantities.

The Zion Oil and Gas 3D seismic testing data

The 3D testing area was extensive. Never seen before in Israel. A great achievement.

Information informed Zion Oil and Gas to drill on its site and to drill deep.

Moreover, 3D data like a philosopher’s stone guides Zion Oil and Gas to drill a further well.

Big, big, more, more it cries.

The ZNOG share price

A fall in price from 40 cents to 20 cents due to no news, when news is the elephant in the room.

The reality is not the price of ZNOG stock; it’s the reality of the project unfolding investors should focus their attention on.

Only those traders who seek sudden wealth do not leave their money in Zion Oil and Gas shares.

It is the mature investors who are likely to gain more. And by buying more ZNOG stock on the dips.

The fool harvests his grapes before they are ripe. And then complains when his wine is bitter.

The learned investor enjoys the sweetness of success because he knows that Rome was not built in a day.

When the time comes and the ZNOG share price goes to the moon, the fool kicks himself for not buying low and holding.

And then he sulks in the corner of his room; sucking his thumb.

Zion Oil field in the making

What do Zion know about MJ-02 they are not telling us?

They drilled deep and have interests in a number of zones.

During the drilling phase they tested samples and these would have been analysed.

Based on the results, Israel granted permission to Zion Oil and Gas to test its MJ-02 well.

If there was nothing to test, there would be no testing process and no plans of a further well at this early stage.

Zion Oil by Christmas?

Let’s not jump ahead of ourselves. But all the signs lead the seasoned investor to draw but one conclusion.

Like a poker game; only the skilled players end up winning in the long-term. So too with investing in stocks.

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