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Zion Oil and Gas Stock: Is Elon Musk going to buy shares in ZNOG?

Zion Oil and Gas Stock: Is Elon Musk going to buy shares in ZNOG?

Zion Oil and Gas Stock: Is Elon Musk going to buy shares in ZNOG?

The company are well into the setting up and start of testing stages of this MJ-02 drilling for oil and gas project.

Testing proper should already be underway, if not about to begin.

The big news, be it for good or otherwise is likely to be released well into the Summer 2022 in my view because there is a lot to test as I covered in some of my other Zion articles.

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But before this time, Zion oil and gas, are probably going to drop some news along the way about their discoveries.

As we approach Summer, with the drilling of Zion’s MJ-02 done and dusted, I believe investors can expect blasts of good news regarding developments in testing for oil and gas.

There could be some big news regarding gas finds too.

With a lot of good news due, I would expect the share price of Zion to lift off.

Now in early May 2022 could be a good time to buy ZNOG. Moreover given investors already saw a high of $1.74 since Zion purchased their new rig that can drill deeper.

And who knows how far Zion oil and gas drilled sideways – if it had – and if so, in how many directions.

Drilling MJ-02 seemed to have taken forever. And there were some setbacks related to drilling direction, and the delivery of parts.

Yet I still see it possible that Zion probed in directions that may surprise many of Zion oil gas’ investors.

We have already seen the share price of ZNOG double from its 10 cent lows.

Because Zion oil and gas have drilled deep and into a number of “zones of interest”, it will be interesting to find out what lies beneath, within these zones Zion oil and gas have been so cryptic about.

I get the sense that part of Zion oil and gas have been wanting to scream success. Yet despite falling onto the OTC, the company have remain tight lipped.

But John Brown, had shown signs of frustration at the doubting private investors. And semi-broke free from the constraints of the BOD at Zion, expressing himself in his emails.

Read between the lines and one can begin to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

It all could lead to a pipeline full of black gold.

Because of the depths and directions, given the short distance from Israel’s massive gas discoveries in the Mediterranean, the geo-logics of the area could suggest Zion could have stumbled upon gas riches too.

If Zion oil and gas discover a lot of oil that they can put into production, the share price is due to explode.

If you add on any big gas finds Zion may have encountered too, then the moon will not be a limit for this super little penny stock.

I was doing to some research into what stocks big investors are eyeing up and came across some information regarding none other than Elon Musk in relation to Zion oil and gas.

Why would Elon Musk want to invest in a tiny oil and gas exploration company: ROCKET FUEL, EV BATTRIES?

The properties contained in oil and gas have many uses beyond merely energy; such as for fuel.

A process in EV batteries could be using gas to complete the task. And then there gas/water hydro fuel to enhance the power of electric batteries.

Buying into an oil field at an early stage, is not a bad idea. In fact it’s a good investment decision if you need to service raw materials at cost of producing prices.

Then it all makes perfect sense.

With 800 million shares to be added when the ZNOG share price rises a lot. At $1 to $2 per share, around $1.5B invested in a penny stock would be a big deal, even for the richest man in the world.

As I write this TabStocks article, the price of natural gas is rising. It is up 5.5% today, nearing $8.

I’m sitting in my new £40k BMW writing this article. I may have read Zion oil and gas wrong.

But if I am right and Zion have hit the jackpot, private investors are in for a good Summer 2022 and I maybe driving a Bentley before Christmas.

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Read more Zion Oil and Gas articles on TabStocks for free!

Zion Oil and Gas Stock: Is Elon Musk going to buy shares in ZNOG? ZNOG stock chart on Google

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