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Zion oil and gas ZNOG stock: TabStocks called it right!

Zion oil and gas ZNOG stock: TabStocks called it right!

Zion oil and gas ZNOG stock: TabStocks called it right!

Our articles reported that Zion oil and gas were likely planning to drill another well on their license area. Our writer, who did extensive research was correct.

We we wrote in our other article that news from Zion oil and gas was likely this week!

We have to blow our own trumpet because who else will?

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Zion oil and gas released news. They wrote they plan to drill another well.

And the testing process continues with their MJ-02 well.

In my view, Zion oil and gas plan to create an oil field.

I believe that Zion oil and gas full well know where the oil is. Zion have a number of zones of interest.

It’s clear to me that the Israeli govt, Ministry of Energy are aware of Zion’s oil encounters and are aware of Zion’s plans to apply for a permit to drill another well.

I suspect the share price will now begin to rocket at the open 12 May 2022, if private investors believe in future oil production based on the press release from Zion oil and gas.

I believe that Zion have discovered big oil in certain zones of interest and that their 3D testing results shows that even greater potential for oil discoveries.

Notwithstanding, Zion could be onto some big news regarding gas finds too.

And the pipeline news we published, we believe is being looked into by those in the know; this is a big factor that will play out in the future, we believe.

Zion oil and gas appear to be optimistic and are wasting no time in making their plans known.

They will require funding to drill another well, but I suspect investors will get some big news from Zion soon regarding their zones of interest. This could be in relation to the 3D data confirming the potential of oil.

Our price prediction for Zion oil and gas is not farfetched. You should read it if you haven’t already. And read it again.

Certain stocks and shares brokers stopped taking ZNOG buy orders on their trading platform months ago.

They did this to help drop the ZNOG share price so that they could load up on cheap shares. They probably got wind of some big Zion news in the pipeline.

It might be worth setting a sell order a lot higher in case of a huge ZNOG share price spike on the OTC. But you may not want to sell all of your shares.

I know some investors will be selling some and holding free ZNOG shares thereafter. But there will be other ZNOG investors who are not planning on selling any Zion oil and gas shares at this stage.

Let us not forget Amazon shares where under $2 and rose to over $3,000. Albeit it took years. But it was only in the last 10 to 12 years that the Amazon share price really took off.

Of course a big share price rise and share price growth has to be based on profits.

As we previously published on TabStocks, if Zion can put its first well into production for oil and/or gas then the ZNOG share price will not be limited by the sky, the share price could reach beyond the moon!

In my view, buying Zion shares at any price under $1 at this stage is a good price, if you share my optimism.

Of course some investors or those thinking about investing in ZNOG might still be thinking that Zion oil and gas will not go on to produce oil. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

I believe Zion oil and gas have encountered oil. I believe they know what zone or zones the oil and/or gas is in. I also believe they know roughly how much oil they could produce from one well.

As we published on TabStocks, Zion oil and gas will need to drill at least one further well to confirm just how much oil and/or gas they are sitting on.

And further 3D testing is a possibility.

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