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Zion oil and gas ZNOG Urgent Stock Trading Update

Zion oil and gas ZNOG Urgent Stock Trading Update

Zion oil and gas ZNOG Urgent Stock Trading and Investing Update for private investors

I’m on my lunch break and decided to write a brief update of my thoughts regarding the current ZNOG stock price.

As well as the price of Zion oil and gas shares, I thought I’d share my thoughts pertaining to current news and expected news from Zion oil and gas.

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ZNOG Stock Price

Zion oil and gas shares had a rocky ending on Friday 06 May with the stock price crashing from around 27 cents to around 21 cents.

My view is that, overall the stock has shown its on the up and that drop in share price was merely a reset following profit taking trades.

The share price took a hit, probably in part due to profit takers off loading just over double money. Those who bought in at 12 cents and a bit higher decided to sell.

There’re always going to be profit takers who load up at the bottom and sell to bag a profit. And good luck to them.

I can’t say whether there will be more buy low and sell high opportunities given if the share price continues to rise waiting for another bottom may not arrive.

The current share price still seems to offer excellent value in my view. So if you agree with me, then low 20s is a bottom share price some Zion investors might still take advantage of.

Of course there maybe Zion oil and gas private investors, who have a much higher average, and they may have decided to go all in on a big super trade. A buy and sell trade from the bottom to a double money target.

By buying more shares at around 13 cents, they could double their money and recover a lot of losses they are currently down on/or were down on.

In my view, the Zion oil and gas share price is still way too low, given the news that could arrive within the next 12 weeks. Such news could rocket the share price far beyond anyone’s current expectations.

On the other hand, those who believe in Zion’s long-term victory may decide to buy more shares at these cheap prices and hold all the way up.

At the end of the day, it’s those who buy at rock bottom and hold, and only sell some right at the top that will make the most profits.

As for the top, well that’s debatable, but I’m convinced Zion oil and gas have encountered oil.

Therefore, for me, the top is a lot higher than what we see today; as I write, the Zion oil and gas share price is sitting at around just over 23 cents.

My guess is that private investors will see a $2 share price by the end of June 2022. But for sure, I think by the end of Summer 2022.

I think a lot of private investors will sell before $1, but are likely to later kick themselves that they had, when the share price takes off proper. Just like bitcoin did.

All about news from Zion oil and gas now

That’s not news, I know. We are all waiting for news.

My guess is that the next news from Zion oil and gas will be in relation to their permit to begin testing their MJ-02 oil and gas well proper.

I suspect this news will be released sometime in May. Maybe even this week.

They have probably set up their testing equipment by now, and all the pros from the USA, Canada and other countries have arrived on site.

Would be nice to get an update regarding gas encounters too and to see the gas flare stack burning onsite; if indeed this is the process. But that might be a few weeks or months from now.

Has Zion oil and gas discovered oil?

It’s my believe that Zion oil and gas has discovered a lot of oil. I believe that they have kept this secret to themselves and have not informed potential big investors of this news.

In my view there was always likely going to be oil discovered at deeper levels.

Other oil drilling in Israel, not as deep had produced oil.

Zion oil and gas drilled deeper after conducting 3D of a large area of its license.

It’s my belief that Zion oil and gas have hit upon the motherload of all oil reserves.

To prove oil reserves; to justify an oil field proper, more wells may very well need to be drilled. And MJ-02 may not go into production before at least another well is drilled.

On the other hand, if the oil is as big in quantities as I believe it is, then the flow rates will be high. Thus Zion oil and gas will have no problems putting MJ-02 into production.

ZNOG Oil pipeline

A big oil field with several producing wells may require an oil pipeline to be built to its oil refinery.

Moreover commercial oil wells that can produce 5,000 to 10,000 bopd will need an oil pipeline to transport the oil.

It might turn out to be the case that Zion oil and gas produce too much oil for Israel to handle. And much of it may need to be sold (unrefined) via oil tankers to other countries.

In this case, Zion oil and gas will still need the use of an newly built oil pipeline. And it’s my belief that the Israeli government are working on the plans to build an oil pipeline to the Mediterranean Sea.

And then there’s the possibility of a takeover. If, as I suspect, a US company such as Chevron buy Zion oil and gas for the oil they can put into production, then Zion will need the assistance of big players in the oil industry.

Zion oil and gas testing

Would the Israeli govt, Ministry of Energy (as anti oil as they claim to be) allow oil and gas testing to go ahead if they wasn’t already aware of just how much oil there is that could be made commercial?

My guess is that Zion oil and gas have informed the Israeli Ministry of Energy about their rich oil encounters within their ‘zones of interest’, and have thus gotten the go-ahead for the extensive testing process for — as Zion wrote in their 07 April 2022 update — “production testing”.

Zion oil and gas shut off valve, the red one at their site for the MJ-02 well is huge. It appears to be around 30 feet.

There must be a tremendous amount of pressure for the need to have such a ginormous valve, with all those gate valve routes in multiple directions too; tells me something big, very big is being planned.

I suspect something really big is brewing. Too big for Zion oil and gas to announce at this stage. But time will tell.

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