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Zion Oil & Gas Disappoint yet again – what now for ZNOG

Zion Oil & Gas Disappoint yet again - what now for ZNOG

Zion Oil & Gas Disappoint yet again – what now for ZNOG

You will see oil soon, John Brown told the Zion Oil & Gas followers in his email updates. Okay, sure. The Zion Oil & Gas Update – not even worthy of a Press Release – informed investors otherwise.

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The first thing investors should be calling for is handcuffs for John Brown to keep him away from the stupid updates that make a mockery out of God and the investors that have made John Brown a millionaire based on the lies he has been propagating for years.

Tabstocks extensively covered the issue with Zion Oil & Gas stating they were going to explore for oil elsewhere – long before the drilling had ended for MJ02.

But one could never have imagined nor guessed that Zion had planned to revisit MJ01.

This says more about the failed 3D than you could ever conclude given all that is known. For is there was oil discovered via the 3D results, Zion – as had already been covered by Tabstocks – would have drilled in the most likely area on the license.

It’s an utter crazy situation now. If there was oil at a higher level then surely Zion Oil & Gas would be exploring for that via MJ02 and not MJO1 which is on the same pad site.

Zion Oil & Gas was all about drilling deeper to discover the oil reserves, and they based this hop following 3D. But we now know that Zion Oil & Gas scammed investors.

Zion have now lost their way, run out of options and the only thing they have left to offer is to run to mJ01 like headless chickens.

If there was any oil at MJ01 they would have explored this. But they continued the scam by propagating the hope of oil at deeper levels and went out and wasted tonnes of investors money on a new onshore oil drilling rig.

The Zion Oil & Gas journey is all but over.

One could argue it was over before it began, but investors gave it a shot and took a punt. The only winners are the BOD who full well know this was a journey that would only pump funds into their pockets.

John Brown is an utter disgrace and clearly feels no shame. It’s all over for investors while John Brown can hit the strip clubs of Texas and get drunk with investors money.

“You will see oil soon” – John Brown, Zion Oil & Gas.

“We will continue to explore the Megiddo-Jezreel license as we are confident that we are in an active petroleum system.” Rob Dunn, CEO Zion Oil & Gas, hired scam artist.

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