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ZNOG News: Zion Oil and Gas Stock Reverse Split Outcome

ZNOG News: Zion Oil and Gas Stock Reverse Split Outcome

ZNOG News: Zion Oil and Gas Stock Reverse Split Outcome

This update explores the likelihood of Zion Oil and Gas reverse splitting its stock.

If you have read our article on Zion and Oil Gas outcomes, you would have wondered what news Zion needs to deliver to survive.

Given there is a high probability of good news from Zion regarding oil discoveries and testing rates. I believe a reverse split of Zion stock is the most likely outcome shortly after the release of oil finds and production numbers.

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I base my belief on the fact that, for Zion Oil and Gas to raise enough money to go on to drill a further well, it will need a greater flow of price action volatility.

On the Nasdaq, Zion Oil and Gas would be able to benefit from the flow of cash pumped into oil stocks.

This in turn should raise the ZN stock price beyond the rise expected to occur following news about testing results and or oil encounters.

I suspect Zion Oil and Gas would make this move around the $1 to $2 share price mark; And a 5:1 reverse split would thus value each Zion share at $5 to $10.

Of course, for a successful transition for re-entry onto the Nasdaq, the news from Zion Oil and Gas would need to be sound and assure Zion investors to once again believe that, victory has more or less been sealed.

The oil industry is the most hated energy resource among the Global Warming, new world order supporters. Climate Change is the new buzz term affixed into political policies in many countries today.

Yet products are also produced from oil. And renewable energy cannot replace most of the products manufactured from oil.

Renewable energies cannot meet the increasing demand for oil as global populations continue to grow.

On top of this, its suspected that peak oil had occurred ages ago and oil reserves in a numbers of countries are on course to dry up.

This is why you see oil giants pumping oil in Saudi continue to explore for oil by drilling more wells. Saudi is currently in panic mode to discover more oil. And they are steering away from oil to invest in renewables so as to hedge their wealth.

Israel, though not oil independent, is fully gas independent. Its gas discoveries in the Med has placed it in a strong position to supply Europe with gas supplies.

This proposition – currently in play – has angered Russia.

It could be that, if Zion Oil and Gas were to in fact hit upon a massive oil field, with huge oil reserves, this could be the tipping point for Russia, along with its political alliance, to invade Israel to plunder its wealth.

I belief that Solomon’s gold will be discovered soon in Israel too. It’s recorded that Solomon amassed some 975 tonnes of gold during his 39 year reign. At todays rising gold price, the value would be around $50B to $100B.

Russia will want it all (gog) GAS, OIL, GOLD! = GOG

Ezekiel 38:4

Don’t forget too that Russia entered Syria following news of Genie Energy claiming to have discovered more oil in the Golan Heights in Israel than Saudi has. And Putin had a meeting with Netanyahu around the same time.

Israel will overcome in the end. And in the 1,000 years reign of Jesus Christ on earth, following the rapture and 7 years Great Tribulation, Israel will be the source of energy for the whole world, it is thought by some Zion investors.

A reverse split will secure the future of Zion Oil and Gas, moreover with proven oil reserves.

Zion’s next move could be to buy another rig.

It already announced its intentions to drill another well. This even before it begins testing its MJ-02 proper.

What does the 3D tell Zion Oil and Gas, and moreover, what did they discover in their ‘zones of interest’?

What does Zion Oil and Gas know that gives them a lot of confidence?

We have seen some big players joining the ZNOG gravy train recently. I suspect they are picking up on signals from the emerging news regarding Zion’s operations.

Following big news from Zion Oil and Gas, I would expect major investors to take positions in Zion stock.

With proven oil reserves, and a well in production with others lined up, I would expect to see a peak share price of about $75 in the early stages.

I think the Zion share price could spike a lot higher, and overtime, if Israel dominates energy resources in years to come, with a rising oil price, it’s not inconceivable that the stock price of Zion could reach $1,000 to $5,000.

Zion could be the new bitcoin in rising value, but with a underlying asset! This would make Zion Oil and Gas much more valuable and not subject to big bear spikes like bitcoin is.

Zion Oil and Gas stock price could rise to even $10,000, therefore the potential profits are life changing.

I think investors will know for sure that Zion Oil and Gas stock is going to keep rising by Dec 2023.

After this, if the best outcome occurs, Zion will make the moves bitcoin started to make when the bitcoin price rose from $1 to $300; and then $300 to $3,000; and then to $68,000.

I think all the clever investors are buying as many ZNOG shares as they can, before it’s too late.

ZNOG stock price at the close 13 May 2022 was around 24 cents.

Something big and good is cooking; all the ingredients are being added to the pot; and you can almost taste the feast. Many Zion Oil and Gas investors believe that success is at the door; they are beginning to believe again!

A ZNOG reverse split is one way – and maybe the only way – to secure value, in order for the Zion Oil and Gas share price to be high enough to warrant adding 800 million new shares.

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